Basic Woodworking Tools For Beginners |A Complete Guidelines

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​​​Basic Woodworking Tools For Beginners

In 1546, Heywood quoted “What is a workman without his tools?” If you are a beginner woodworker or you are about to start woodworking as a hobby or pastime you must need some tools for that.

Now you must be thinking what are the tools that you need for starting your woodworking? So, we are here to help you. In this article, we are going to introduce a basic woodworking tool for beginners.

We are going to discuss those tools which you must need for your work. Let’s start:

1. Circular saw

SKILSAW SOUTHPAW SPT67M8-01 15 Amp 7-1/4 In. Magnesium Left Blade Sidewinder Circular Saw

Circular saw is the most basic woodworking tool. This saw was first invented at the end of the 18th century for cutting woods. This power saw has a toothed blade which cuts by spinning around in a rotary motion. You may be wondering that it is a big machine?

But, the answer may amaze you that this is a handheld tool. You can hold this tool comfortably to cut woods. This is also an electronic tool and you can change its battery.

There is a more amazing thing about this tool.The base of this saw can be adjusted for the depth of cut. If you use a high quality toothed blade then you can cut a lot of wood at a time.

We are going to suggest some accessories for your circular saw which will make your tool more effective. You can add straight line ripping jig, a general all-purpose blade, and a higher tooth blade. Let’s know about Oscillating spindle sander that you need.

WEN 6510T 3.5 Amp Oscillating Spindle Sander

Now let’s know about one of the most useful tools for woodworking. By seeing the name of this tool you must be thinking that why another sander?

The answer is for sanding straight edges you can use a random orbit sander but what about the curves? How are you going to do curve sanding and give a smooth finishing?

So you can sand curves by a Spindle Sander. Oscillating spindle sander rotates and also oscillates.

Curve sanding is not possible with a random handheld orbital sander.This sander needs to be settled on small or large Tables. So it is not a handheld tool. You need a specific space for this Woodworking tool.

Oscillating spindle sander comes in different sizes. You need to choose the size depending on your comfort.This sander works very perfectly. It doesn’t leave any uneven stroke and it will keep sanding until it reaches to the cut lone So you don’t need to adjust the tool frequently while sanding one thing.

3. Drill

Cordless Drill with 2 Batteries - GOXAWEE Electric Screw Driver Set 100pcs with Hammer Function (12V, 18+3 Torque Setting, 30Nm, 3/8 inch Auto Chuck, 2-Speed) for Home Improvement & DIY Project

A good quality drill and drill bit is a must-have tool for a beginner woodworker. There are many types of drills such as manual, electric, compressed, hammer drill, corded drill, and cordless drill.

Now you must be thinking about which one to choose or which one is good for beginners? Let me make it easy for you

If you are a beginner woodworker and want to take it as your profession I’d recommend you to invest more budgets in this tool. You can go for a hammer drill.You can ask why a hammer drill?

Look You can use hammer drill in your woodworking very much easier and if you take a shop then you can use it for shop walls or for some other work.For the drill, an accessory I can suggest is some drill based joinery system.

So start making plans which drill you are going to buy and know about some other woodworking tools.

4. Random Orbital sander

Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander - 2.5 Amp 5 in. Corded Variable Speed Random Orbital Sander/Polisher Kit with Dust Collector and Soft Carrying Bag

In woodworking, the tool you are going to use most is an Orbit Sander. It is also a handheld tool so you can use it very easily.

Sanding is the most important thing for woodworking. Random orbit sander gives a fine finish to a cut. This tool doesn’t leave any swirl marks and gives a very smooth finishing. You are wondering how to choose the best sander for your work?

Choose a sander which has a good vacuum inside it for dust collection, Variable speed, and good vibrate control. Sanders which have the speed and aggressiveness of a belt sander is the best kind of sander you can use.

For sander accessories buy some good sanding discs.Let’s move to the next woodworking tool.

5. Router

Makita RT0701CX7 1-1/4 HP Compact Router Kit

The tool I am going to discuss now is a multitasking tool. You are thinking why am I calling it multitasking? So after knowing about this mesmerizing tool you are also going to call it multitasking.

A router has a base and a narrow blade. You can cut, trim or shape wood by using this tool.

Also, you use it in making dadoes, cutting circles or for copying templates.Even you can use it as a basic biscuit joining.Now you know why I was calling it a multitasking tool.

You can use a router table for this tool but I would suggest you use it as a handheld tool because if you use it by hand you can work very easily.So may be now you are planning to buy a router?

Then let me give some more tips for buying.Buy a good quality variable speed router so that you can control the speed and don’t go for router bit sets because that will cost more but you will get the lower quality


There is a proverb that “Blunt tools are sometimes founds of use where sharper instruments would fail”.

So by this proverb you may be understood what I wanted to say.The thing is that craftsmanship is not all about tools but still for work you need some tool which are must have.

In this article we have tried to guide the beginner woodworkers about basic Woodworking tools.You can build almost everything by using these tools so it is high time to buy these basic tools and start your woodworking.

Last but not the least Buy a good quality tool and maintain the safety tips because Broken tools can be replaced but you can’t.

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