Best Cantilever Tool Box Review (Homak,Trusco & Kennedy)

Best Cantilever Tool Box Review

Cantilever toolbox or snap on tool boxes from the popular toolbox brands can be a great option for you to carry and store tools from place to place. Homak, Kennedy, Craftsman, Bluepoint, Facom, DeWalt, Stanley, Sidcom & Husky Are some popular cantilever tool box producing brands of 2018.

Whether you are at home or carrying tools to your workplace, having a high-quality cantilever toolbox is very important for keeping your tools organized. You will find some discounted cantilever tool box here.

We have selected Homak & Kennedy brands among them for their great user experience.

But before proceeding, you should know a few things about it.

What is a Cantilever Toolbox?

Cantilever construction allows for overhanging structures without external bracing.

A tool box is a box or container which holds and protects tools. It can be a small container or a large storage system that carries tools. People used to make toolbox in the 19’Th century. At first, they were made of Wood. But because we are not in 19th-century we won’t find wood ones. Nowadays metal or plastic is the material of choice for a toolbox.

They come with a top handle. Sometimes there are only one handle and sometimes two part handle on both sides to carry them like a basket. Though they are usually painted but beneath them, there is supposed to be a coating of Nickel or Chromium. To organize your tool box get some tips from this post.

Parts and functions of a Cantilever toolbox

Toolboxes are used to store, organize and protect tools. Lots of different types of tool boxes are available according to different requirements.

In this guide, we will specifically focus on cantilever toolbox.

Toolboxes come in different shapes and sizes

Depending upon your specific needs, they can vary in functionality and material.

All types of toolboxes are available for different types of tools, e.g. medical tools, carpenter tools, painting tools, electrical tools etc.

Most of them are now plastic builds, as they are effective and inexpensive. There are toolboxes made out of aluminum, steel, wood, and cantilever toolboxes.

Cantilever ToolBox They are special and comes in unique and professional design with multiple shelves. Individual shelves will allow you to organize your tools efficiently and effectively.

Functions These boxes are compact and can store lots of tools perfectly in one place. More to that their wide opening positions preview all the tools at the same time.

Thus they are a really good choice for carpenters, painters or any other professionals that need to carry a decent amount of tools with them.

Using a decent cantilever toolbox can protect your tools and make you more efficient in work.

Parts Usually, they are constructed with a steel body. So you can be pretty sure about their strength and capacity.

There are multiple shelves in each of them, and they are closed in as a rectangular box. But the cantilevers will open up as a bridge from a fixed position. This way all the shelves will be displayed in the same time.

There is a handle at the top of the box that allows you to hold it and carry it comfortably.

The box is painted with a thick coating to prevent it from rusting and minor damages. You will find different colors and styles according to your likeness.

By properly maintaining your cantilever tool box, you can use it for long enough. In the long run, it will save you money and make you more efficient at work.

Best Cantilever Tool Box Comparison

EXCEl TB122B steel BoxsteelBlack12.1Check Prices
Kennedy Cantilever Metal Tool BoxSteelBrown1Check Prices
Craftsman cantilever boxStructural FoamBlack9.8Check Prices
Keter Cantilever Tool boxDurable resinBlack-Red7.8Check Prices
Tactix 22-inch cantilever boxResinBlack-Orange7.1Check Prices
Goplus metal portable BoxSteelRed8.2Check Prices
Trusco ST-350-B 2-level boxHigh impact resinBlack5Check Prices
Stanley Proto Tool boxSteelRed6.1Check Prices
Williams TB-6218A BoxSteelBlack/Red15Check Prices

Types of tool box

There are different types of tool box available, and they are suitable for different purposes. To choose the most appropriate toolbox, you must know the types.

Hand-Carry Tool Boxes: These tool boxes are easy to carry. You can store this in a closet or under a workbench. But it cannot hold a lot amount of tool. It is small, so it carries a few small tools.

Large stationary toolbox: This box holds a huge amount of small and large tools easily. But it is hard to move and it takes up considerable space in your workshop or garage.

Portable rolling tool box: This tool box can be carried and rolled in most places. It is easy to take.But it holds a minimum amount of medium and small tools. You cannot store large tools in it.

Combination tool box: This is a workbench and tool storage combined. It can be wheeled around your working area easily. But this is not portable. So it isn't suitable for outside of the workshop, garage, or immediate area.

Truck mounted tool box: This tool box holds a large number of tools. It is a lockable storage too, so more safety. It is truck mounted so it can go anywhere the truck goes. But it isn't so easy to remove from truck. It requires holes to be bored in the truck. It isn’t also easy to mount.

Top Class Cantilever Tool Box of 2018

01. Kennedy Cantilever Metal Tool Box (Best Snap On hand-carry Box for the Money)

Not only the durable one, but this product is also the best mechanics toolbox available on the market. Fabric less construction keeps the box free from dirt. Besides, its cantilever action lid also makes it unique, attractive & best box ever.

Cantilever action lid: Cantilever is a long girder that is fixed at only a single point. This type of lid is preferred to make the box even more spacious and durable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cantilever hand carry helps the box to last longer. Steel core handle makes it easy to carry.
  • Four dividable trays to store tools of different sizes and shapes.
  • Industrial grade metal makes the box sturdy & suitable for heavy duty.
  • Vinyl cushioning makes it attractive and smooth.
  • Locking hasp also accepts padlock to secure the box.

A hasp is a slotted hinged iron or any metal plate that forms a part of fastening for a lid or door, and it’s also fitted with a metal loop. Pin or Padlock can secure it.

The box is little heavy even without the tools. The weight can cause slight discomfort while moving.


  • No Fabric & steel-Core Top Handle.
  • Heavy-Duty locking hasp.
  • Cantilever action lid.
  • Secure and spacious tool storage.
  • Four dividable trays.
  • Cantilever action lid.


  • Heavier.

#Also Great "Homak Cantilever Steel Toolbox"

The Homak industrial cantilever is a large toolbox with much space like the Kennedy 1022B. But the Cantilever drawers in Homak are not leveled perfectly. Besides, the handle in it isn’t riveted on properly.

Check Homak H2pro here.

Apart from these minor problems, it isn’t so bad. It has:

  • 4 drawers
  • Triple-clasp to make it even more secure
  • Solid industrial quality construction
  • Huge bottom bin for larger tools and
  • Pad lockable design.

#02. Trusco 2-level tool box (Lightweight cantilever box)

Heavy duty, well made and rugged gauge welded stamped steel box. The dimension of this trucco box is 13.5 x 6.2 x 7.2 inches. It has a hole in the middle of the top for the padlock which allows you to leave it at your workplace. You must love the color with durable enamel.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% steel, manufactured in Japan.
  • Two top trays include removable metal dividers. Little dividers allow you to store small components like
  • nails, screws, nuts, batteries. The Lower part is suitable for large tools.
  • Two compartments easily glide open.
  • The very lightweight product is easy to carry.
  • Two hinges work great. Perfect for everyday users.

The box is can't be left outside in the rain. If you want to keep the water out of the box, then put rubber seals on the lid.


  • Gorgeous metal construction.
  • Fit and finish is perfect.
  • Cantilever action lid.
  • Movable dividers in top two trays.
  • Secure and spacious tool storage.
  • Thick powder coat finish.


  • Smaller size.

How to clean and maintain the cantilever tool box properly? (5 ways)

Professionals and enthusiast people who use cantilever toolbox to keep their tools must know how and why proper maintenance of cantilever toolbox is necessary.

By proper maintenance, you ensure that it lasts longer and works pretty well every time. An average cantilever toolbox might not be very expensive, but it will add up to a huge amount if you keep changing the damaged toolbox every now and then.

If you don’t maintain the toolbox, it can actually ruin your tools too, hence adding to the cost in the long run. Also, their performance might be slow, and that can surely make you unhappy.

1It is necessary to keep the box clean and dry as much as possible. It will look good and last longer. Use dry piece of cloth to remove dust and make sure to dry it out properly if you use wet piece of cloth to wash it. Too much contact with the water can make it rusty, which is not a good thing at all.

2Don’t stack too much tools in one box. Too much weight is hard for you to carry, and also bad for the box too.

Make sure that you are not keeping something heavy on top of it, or using the tool box as a chair or table. This will definitely lower its lifespan.

3 -Cantilever tool box are special for their slide out tray system. This can be a hassle if the slide tray doesn’t work properly. They can easily start to straggle if something gets between the slider-space. Be sure to clean it time to time and oil it properly for smooth operations.

You can also find some dedicated grease or lubricant that helps the slide trays to roll smoothly.

4 – Look out for too much heat. Heat can permanently damage the paint and structure of your box. You must avoid keeping the tool box under direct sunlight for prolonged period of time. Usually the metal tool box can heat up faster and damage the tools inside it too. Make sure that you don’t place the tool box near fire or something hot.

5 – Avoid anything that can scratch the tool box. Such as pointy objects, or tools that has sharp edges. Always try to keep your tool chest organized in proper way. Scratches can lead to rapid rusting. Look out for scratches and small rusty areas; be sure to cover the damaged area with paint in a proper way.

Proper maintenance can help you get smooth performance while you work, save your tools, save your time and money. It might seem that it’s a hard job to properly maintain the cantilever tool box, but with proper practice it will become easier for you.

Properly follow the maintenance tips given, so that your toolbox and tools survive for a longer period of time.

Final Note

This list of best cantilever tool box is the top boxes in the market. We have just taken both positive and negative aspects of these products.

We will be happy to hear from you.

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