Best Electric Pole Saws of All Time Unbiased Reviews!

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On the off chance that you have to saw up high, yet would prefer not to utilize a stepping stool. The reasonable arrangement is get yourself a pole saw. It enables you to stay attached firmly on the ground while wandering into higher levels. A pole saw is generally smaller than a chainsaw attached to a stick. It resembles a major candy with teeth.

There are a decent chunk of companies that manufacture and sell pole saws. Truth be told, there's such a large number of it can immediately get befuddling. With such huge numbers consider it is quite too easy to confuse devices and make a poor decision. So some people might be put off entirely. That is a pointless and costly attempt, so we should do it any other way.

Without the correct data or direction, picking the best electric pole saws can be testing. There's a lot of types of pole saw. It could have a good grip and long length. Yet the force might be somewhat low.

Some can flaunt an amazing engine, yet it is somewhat overwhelming making it a test to utilize. Additionally, you don't need a pole that feels unstable when completely broadened or delivers a lot of commotion.

In light of that, we have chosen 10 of the best electric pole saws. And clarified why we think one these is the best electric pole saw for you. On the off chance you are struggling to choose a cordless drill, then you'll want to see this product showcase. 

1. Greenworks 8.5' 40V Cordless Pole Saw 20672

They made this battery worked pole saw electric balanced, easy to manage and light. It gets the job done, nothing compromised. It doesn't require much maintenance, just a bit of chain tensioning.

The chain oiler is powered by a powerful oil tank. It's also transparent, meaning you can easily check how much you have left. It's also cost efficient.

In fact, it tends to not leak oil at all. Refilling is also quick and easy.

The charger is uniquely made to recharge quickly and still last a long time. In fact the battery lasts for 60 minutes, which is a rather impressive amount of time. And it could likely go farther than that before requiring a re-enegization.

You will wear out before the battery runs down. Regardless of whether they're pine, oak, or cedar, it'll cut down 6 inches deep wood effortlessly. It shows equal efficiency in cutting down fences and shrubs too. Although it has one small downside as the safety precautions are not the most user friendly.


  • Easy Assembly and Adjustments
  • Instant Start&Stop Feature
  • Balanced on All Sides
  • Easy to Use


  • Awkward Safety Feature

2. WORX WG309 8 Amp 10" 2-in-1 Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw with Auto-Tension

The WG309 is really two apparatuses in one. You can use the cutting head as a customary chainsaw. While including the 8 ft. augmentation pole requires no apparatuses and changes over into a flexible pole saw. The WORX is 2 in 1 because it is multi functional, it can be uniquely used as a chainsaw or pole saw. 

Connect the 8-foot augmentation pole to arrive at higher logs without utilizing a stepping stool. Then disconnect the pole to effectively slash up the fallen appendages.

This saw highlights a programmed tensioning framework and a programmed oil siphon with a level pointer. A muscular 8 Amp engine fuels the 10-inch bar and chain. And gives enough capacity to deal with almost any errand around the home.

It rapid and supportive to advance from a chainsaw to a pole saw as the pole attaches with no devices making. It also has an automatic chain tensioning system, meaning it has a long life even with low maintenance. Also, this chain tension management system is pre-programmed.  

Alongside the customized oil guide with level marker make it impressively less complex to work and maintain.. This 10-inch diminished powerhouse, has a rotatable handle for gainful pruning. The WORX WG309 has a stunning 8 Amp motor and versatile structure. Making it the perfect yard mechanical assembly for light to medium commitments. Such cutting, lambing, pruning and cleaning up around the yard.


  • Simple and Easy Design
  • Rotating Handle
  • Versatile and Multi-Purpose
  • Durable, Requiring Less Maintenance


  • Comparatively Heavier than Other Models

3. Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw

Let Gravity Do The Work. Energized by an amazing 6.5-amp motor, the SWJ800E can manage the most unshakable tree limbs up to 7.5-inches thick. This pole cutting mechanical assembly incorporates a 8-inch bar and chain with an auto-oiler. To keep the bar and chain totally lubed up during use. Chain tensioning is correspondingly basic, requiring only a screwdriver. 

The Sun Joe SWJ800E pole cutting contraption ousts the peril and burden from cutting your obstructed trees.

You'll continually control up with the press of a catch as the Sun Joe electrically fills itself. Without regulating smoke, exhaust, erratic starters or extreme check ups.

There are a huge amount of unfathomable things you could state about this Sun Joe saw. It's versatile, which suggests that on its most concise land at setting, you can use it to cut little logs. Undoubtedly, this saw is ideal for different assignments. 

Which is the explanation we rate it as the best electric pole saw. you basically need to press a butto to turn it on. This makes it an unexpected mammoth interestingly among its gas-empowered cousins. Which may expel smoke, rage and unreasonable hullabaloo that are probably going to inconvenience your neighbors.

For example, while they're hanging out on their lawnyard. Are you fond of your neighbors? If genuinely, the Sun Joe is altogether friendlier choice. For whatever time apportioning that you charge it, you can be certain that it'll begin the essential experience. Dissimilar to different models powered with gas.


  • Fully Electric Powered
  • 8-inch Bar with 15-inch Max Reach
  • Eco-Friendly with No Leaks


  • Unbalanced Near the Saw End
  • Required Full Charge to Use

4. Remington RM1025P Ranger I 8-Amp Electric 2-in-1 Pole Saw & Chainsaw

The Remington RM1025P Ranger 2-in-1 pole saw/cutting tool is lightweight and simple for anybody to utilize. The 10-inch bar and chain are ideal for cutting little to medium-size branches. 

The amazing 8 amp engine drives the saw. With a fast alternative to change over from pole saw to cutting chainsaw. 

Joined to the 10-foot extending pole, the saw can without much of a stretch trim high branches and tree appendages. Supported by a 2-year constrained guarantee.

Overwhelm nature's most elevated appendages with the flexible 10-foot Remington RM2015P Ranger. Its long aluminum pole gives additional quality and improved reach. While using a verifiable set up with the simple flip and lock clasps.

The quick start, electric 8 amp engine controls through branches with the low-kickback 10-inch bar and chain. So you can work like a hacking, pruning machine. Also, when you've completed the process of bringing down branches from over, the pole quickly disengages from the cutting apparatus. So you can cut branches down to the ideal size.


  • Easy to Use with Solid Design
  • Balanced Weight Distribution
  • Sturdy Pole with Powerful Motor


  • Saw Reconnection is a bit Awkward
  • Extremely Loud

5. Sun Joe SWJ803E 10 inch 8.0 Amp Electric Multi-Angle Pole Chain Saw

The second model from Sun Joe to make our rundown, the SWJ803E. It gives you a bigger cutting chain and a beefier motor. Powered by a hearty 8-amp engine. The SWJ803E's multi-edge head can deal with the most obstinate tree appendages up to 9.5-inches thick. Notwithstanding having the option to cut appendages securely.

This electric pole saw has enough force that you can likewise utilize it for cutting slender logs. 

The SWJ830E can likewise extend to about 9.5 ft., managing an overhead reach of 15 ft. You can balance the cutting head somewhere in the range of 0 and 30 degrees. And the 8-Amp engine can slice materials up to 9.5-creeps in thickness. Oneself greasing up 10-inch Oregon bar and chain removes a portion of the work engaged with support.

Handle those difficult to-arrive at branches effortlessly. The Sun Joe SWJ803E electric pole cutting tool removes the threat and trouble from cutting your congested trees. Stand securely on strong ground and just change SWJ803E's extending pole to pick up to 14 feet of overhead reach.

It includes a strong, 10-inch Oregon bar and chain with an auto-oiler. In order to keep the bar and chain completely greased up during use. Not at all like gas-controlled apparatuses, SWJ803E is fueled electrically.

So you'll dependably control up with the press of a catch. Without managing smoke, exhaust, erratic starters or expensive check ups. Besides the SWJ803E comes furnished with an implicit security change to forestall incidental beginning. The Sun Joe SWJ803E electric pole cutting apparatus conveys an entire two-year warranty.


  • Seamless Multi-Angled Head
  • Practically Designed Despite Strong Power
  • Easily Operatable
  • Pleasant Green Color


  • Limited Purpose Cord
  • Does Not Come with Necessary Oil


Want something astonishing? The BLACK+DECKER Bare Pole Pruning Saw is here. It has an extremely wide chain and bar which can easily cut through the thickest log. It's not slouch when it comes to height either. Easily reaching fourteen feet high. The center development mulls over a useable length reach.

This unit moreover recollects a for line power head licenses fundamental adaptability and perceivable quality between branches.

Likewise, gives an overhead reach of up to 14 feet. Unit dismantles for clear vehicle. Ideal for moving to the worksite. The lightweight game plan makes it simple to utilize. Included Components included 1 20V MAX* Pole Saw with Extension. Along with 20V MAX* Smart Battery Charger, Blade Guard Oil Bottle and Wrench. And 1 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Battery.

The BLACK+DECKER LPP120 pole saw is likely what you need. The unit incorporates a little electric motor that gets power from the 2-volt MAX lithium molecule battery. It has a clear structure for straightforward lively movement in any occasion, for a tenderfoot. Which outfits with a longer future and 5X longer charge than relative NiCd batteries. Furthermore, by excellence of the cordless nature, you won't have wires keeping the zone of development.

When completely invigorated, the device can run for a truly long period. Or on the other hand persuading you to be practically an electrical fitting. In like manner, it's lightweight extendable handle can land everything thought about exceptional stature of 14 feet. The plastic watchman shields your fingers and hands from hurt.


  • Decent Reach of 14 Feet.
  • Detailed Instructions Manual
  • Easily Swappable Battery Pack


  • Cheap Feeling and Weak Plastic Handle

7. Sun Joe SWJ802E 9 FT 6.5 Amp Electric Pole Chain Saw with Adjustable Head

At a small weight of 7.9 lbs, the Sun Joe SWJ802E is easy to carry around and even easier to manage. The SWJ802E can manage the most troublesome tree limbs up to 7.5-inches thick thanks to its 6.5-amp motor. Stand safely on the solid ground while changing Sun Joe's expanding pole.

A chain and bar made of oregon making sure the chopping system is always at full functionalit. 

Along with an auto-oiler to keep the bar and chain completely lubed up during use. Which slices from 0º to 30º edges. Thanks to its multi-position versatile head.

This Sun Joe cutting apparatus' lightweight pole makes it easy to hold, especially when coming to up high. They in like manner corded it, and they remembered that that presumably won't suit everybody. In this way, it guarantees a steady, strong stream of force.

But in the event that clearly you pull exorbitantly far and end up reevaluating out of the connection. One of the various gainful things about this pole saw is the extension.

They produce the grasp using satisfying froth, to battle deficiency. It in like way has multi-positional heads that you can change according to three unique edges. At the most remarkable stretch, you can get as high up as 15 feet. Which is mind blowing while at the same time managing those issue overhanging branches. Which is worthwhile for those awkward slices and difficult to-land at zones.


  • Super Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Corded, Providing a Ton of Power
  • Can Easily Cut Through Thick Logs


  • Doesn't Come with Required Oil
  • Color May Not Be For Everyone.

8. Earthwise PS44008 6.5-Amp 8-Inch Corded Electric Pole Saw

This broadening corded pole saw lands at 9'3" at totally expanded length. Making this pole saw one of the longest pole saws available.

The astonishing 6 5-Amp motor makes for quick, clean cuts while you stand safely on the ground. Earthwise PS44008 electric corded pole saw takes slicing tree appendages and hard to-land at the brush to the accompanying level. It comes with the all-encompassing reach and Power. 

This corded electric pole saw offers all that you require for cutting branches and appendages around the house. It includes a programmed oiler framework, oil level window, Adjustable cutting head, and agreeable holds. Remove the problem from your fall home and yd tidy up with this corded electric extending pole saw.


  • Low Price for Quality
  • Long 9 Feet Reach
  • Chain Tensioner and Automatic Oiler


  • Heavier than Other Electric Pole Saws
  • Rare Cases of Motor Failure

9. WEN 4021 8-Inch 6.5A Electric Telescoping Pole Saw

This extending electric pole saw from WEN grows from 6.5 ft. to 9 ft. The 8 lb. configuration lessens client weariness and highlights a device-free strain framework that makes fixing your chain straightforward.

The programmed oiling framework guarantees the chain remains greased up and an inherent security switch forestalls unintentional beginnings.

A 6.5-Amp electric engine gives a lot of capacity to most private applications. And turns the chain at a little more than 2,100 feet-per-minute. It additionally includes a casing, focus handle that is movable, and a shoulder tie.

Make cutting, chopping and trimming shrubs quicker and simpler with the WEN 4021. It brags of a 10-inch long electric pole saw which comes convenient by and large. Even at it's shortest, it's more than 6 feet. To suit low lying branches though the most noteworthy tallness of 13.5 feet. It's lightweight nature means you can use it on high branches.

The extending handle withdraws and broadens effectively though the lightweight engine and pole. Which enables a client to operate the instrument for a long time. The activity is additionally helped by the tough battery-powered lithium-particle battery and lightweight of pounds. The 6.5-amp engine runs easily and doesn't create any smoke or emanation.


  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Emissionless
  • Does Not Make Noise
  • Strong Handle


  • Requires Minimum Assembly

10. Ryobi ZRP4361 One+ 18-Volt 9.5 ft. Cordless Electric Pole Saw Kit

Giving a compass of somewhere in the range of 6.5 and 9.5 feet. The Ryobi ZRP4361 should assist you with keeping the encompassing clean. Also, as other top-rated electric pole saws, it runs as genuinely quick. And easily cordiality of the hearty inherent electric engine. For power, the unit relies upon the battery-powered 18V lithium particle battery.

It comes with an 18-Volt minimized Lithium-particle battery and charger. And the battery totally revives in only 30 mins.

The programmed oiling component guarantees oil arrives at the chain. And different parts in a flash for greatest execution and to forestall overheating or contact. You also get a transparent oil case to make sure you know how much you have left.

Keep your trees looking clean with the Ryobi One+ Lithium-Ion Pole Saw. Even though it's cordless, it can reach 6 and a half feet. With the expansion pole and highlights a 8 in. bar and chain for cutting endlessly branches up to 6 in. Along with an in-line engine and calculated cutting head, you can evacuate branches effectively, even in tight spaces.

This saw highlights programmed bar and chain oiling for extra-comfort. Along with an unmistakable view liquid window to assist you with observing oil levels. Lithium-particle innovation likewise gives blur-free capacity. In order to prevent the battery running solid from start to finish of the charge. And the battery controls the entirety of the devices in the Ryobi 18-Volt One+ family. That is in excess of 50 devices.


  • Well Made Design
  • Has a Lot of Power
  • Minimum Noise
  • Long Battery Life


  • A Bit Heavier Compared to Others

Buying Guide of Best Electric Pole Saws

While pole saws can make pruning a ton simpler, they're not directly for each circumstance. Do you want to expel slender twigs, thick vines, or foliage? Then, you're in an ideal situation utilizing shears or a manual pole pruner.

Which you can use by pulling a switch or with a sawing movement). Let's say that you intend to cut branches somewhere in the range of two and eight crawls in measurement. In any case, a pole saw is only the ticket. Ahead, we'll talk about the significant highlights of these force apparatuses in view of purchaser surveys and evaluations.

Trees need infrequent pruning to evacuate broken branches and meager out thick appendages. Maybe a pole saw is the best method to handle this venture. So as to remain solid and put their best self forward. It is essentially a cutting tool connected to a long pole. As such while remaining securely on the ground, it lets you reach up to cut branches.

That definitely beats increasingly risky strategies. Which include either ascending the tree or wavering on a stepping stool. While trimming off appendages with a handheld cutting apparatus. On the off chance that regardless you feel that you don't absolutely get a handle on these elements.

We understand how you feel. Let us assist you with comprehending the way toward purchasing a decent pole saw. As we talk about the factors one has to remember while buying an electric pole saw.

Power Choice

Pole saw power choices incorporate electrical, battery-worked, and gas-fueled. It likewise factors into its expected use and not just exclusively the kind of intensity influence the expense of the saw. Think of you end goal and choose the power quality accordingly.

The electric unit is commonly somewhat more reasonable than the gas equal. It additionally has the advantage of a discharge less motor. On the other hand, this type is ordinarily not going to be as amazing as the gas unit.

Which means restrictions in the kind of work that you can take on. The electric pole saw additionally has the ability to be exasperating. In the event that you have ever had your final batteries die out, you recognize what we are discussing here.

In the event that you have a ton of trees to trim, and you wouldn't fret the clamor, a gas-controlled pole saw is a decent alternative. They usually run at $100 to $300 or more, contingent upon quality and motor size.

Even where electricity isn't available, like say in the wild, you can still use these. But on the flip side, they usually weigh more than other types of models. Around 14 to 20 pounds in fact.To make the gas-filled poles saw start running.

You ought to just fill the tank with gas and let her tear.You moreover don't have to watch out for batteries to accuse of respects to gas units. Battery-powered batteries are both a gift and a revile.

From one perspective, it is decent to have a cost-proficient, ecologically amicable force source. Then again, it additionally implies that you may need to suspend work some of the time while your saw energizes.

Weight and Physical Capabilities

The pole saw can be somewhat fiery to utilize. If just for the way that it requires a ton of coming to over your head. That being the situation, you are unquestionably going to need to ensure something.  

That the device you pick is right for your body. You need to not just focus on the weight but the relation of it to the entire size of the machine. Putting resources into something that is too huge or overwhelming for you isn't just incapable yet additionally hazardous.

In order of weight from heaviest to lowest it's gas units, then electric devices and finally, mechanical saws. The heaviest pole saws tip the scales at around 20 pounds.

Tet significantly lighter models, at seven to 15 pounds, can begin to feel substantial. Especially when you're working overhead. Electric and cordless saws regularly weigh not as much as gas-controlled models.

Reaching Height

There is a smidgen of misguided judgment encompassing the scope of the pole saw. And shockingly, by all accounts the makers intentionally exacerbate it. Reach is normally a significant segment of this device. As it shows how high you will have the option to cut.

Most customers need something with an entirely high reach, and makers get this. Accordingly, it appears as though they give a deceptive length. That the makers put together not with respect to the real abilities of the saw. But on the average tallness of most male clients.

At the end of the day, when makers promote the most extreme reach, they are landing at a specific number. Which is dependent on the stature of somebody who isn't you.

On the off chance that you need a progressively exact length look at how much extensions you will need. In order to focus on the most extreme degree of expansion, which alludes just to the length of the pole.

Chainsaw Combo

Some pole saws include a cutting head. You can detach this head to use as a separate chain saw. This can be useful on the off chance that you wish to cut a branch into littler pieces. After you've felled it for kindling, for example.

Some pole saws work as a cutting mechanical assembly that can be separated shifting as well as a pole saw. Clearly, there is a huge amount of critical worth to this if you need that mechanical assembly too. On the other hand, in case you are looking for a pole saw. You may imagine that its inexorably down to earth to simply remain with the basic direct units.

Warranty and Additional Features

With any item, yet particularly something with an unpredictable engine, you are going to need to ensure something.  That there is a quite decent warranty in place. There are two or three purposes behind this.

For a certain something, a great guarantee clarifies that you will have the option to get the support you need.  Especially if something turns out badly at an opportune time with the product. This will be especially useful for those who aren't too keen on maintenance.

Moreover, Manufacturers are continually endeavoring to make pole saws progressively strong and simpler to work. On certain saws, you'll discover no vibration highlights and non-slip holds.

And a significant number of the present pole saws accompany a self-oiling chain. On the off chance that it's not self-oiling, you'll need to oil the chain by hand. Point by point in the proprietor's manual.

FAQs on Best Electric Pole Saws

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Final Thoughts on Best Electric Pole Saws

There you go. The top electric pole saws in the market. Furthermore, on the off chance that you look nearer, you'll notice that they share a great deal for all intents and purpose. They convey respectable capacity to suit most regular needs, accompany a simple to-modify and strong pole, are genuinely quiet gratitude to being electric fueled and furthermore don't create smoke and discharges.

Besides, they are lightweight and ergonomically intended for simple dealing with, solace, and security, and furthermore have a pleasant reach. By following this audit on the best electric pole saws, owning a decent piece shouldn't be excessively troublesome.

Consider how much force you need. This will, obviously, rely upon the assignments you'll be utilizing it for. In case you're just considering utilizing it for simple to-trim back foliage, at that point why go into a needless excess mode and get the most dominant (and likely generally costly) device available?

At long last, with extraordinary force comes incredible duty, so my last suggestion is to remain safe and read the guidelines. Realize your instrument well to limit the danger of mishaps.

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