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A tool belt is an essential part of your work-wears & it helps you to keep your important tools nearest you. Especially, an electrician or cable technician Must have a tool belt for speeding up their job.

But selecting the best electrician tool belt might be a tough job for you guys because there are various types of tool belts available on the market.

In this case, we want to help you out. That's why we spent more than five days to Research & select the top-rated products, and now we recommend 10 best electrician tool belts. So, if you're an electrician & you want to buy a tool belt, scroll down and pick one from our list.





Gatorback B240 Electrician's Combo

Gatorback B240 Electrician's Combo With Pro-Comfort Back Support Belt. Heavy Duty Work Belt (Medium 31-35 Inches)

Occidental Leather 5590 LG

Occidental Leather 5590 LG Commercial Electrician's Set

Milwaukee 48-22-8110

Milwaukee 48-22-8110 Electricians Work Belt

Tradesman Pro Electrician's Tool Belt

Tradesman Pro Electrician's Tool Belt, Large Klein Tools 55428

Gatorback Electricians Combo

Gatorback Electricians Combo Deluxe Package (Tool Belt, Suspenders, Gloves, Drill Holster) Ventilated Back Support Belt w/Suspenders and Extras. For Electricians, Carpenters, Framer (Medium 31

Occidental Leather 5036 LG

Occidental Leather 5036 LG Leather Pro Electrician Set

Occidental Leather 9596 Adjust

Occidental Leather 9596 Adjust-to-Fit Industrial Pro Electrician

Occidental Leather 5589

Occidental Leather 5589 Electrician's Tool Case

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician's Comfort Lift Combo Tool Belt, 28 Pocket

Dead On Tools HD54017

Dead On Tools HD54017 Utility Pouch

# 10 Of the best electrician tool belt short review

1. Gatorback B240 Electrician's Combo With Pro

An electrician needs to have a tool belt. He always carries stuff that is necessary. But if it is a pouch, the job is not easy. Gator back brings you the best tool bag for electricians.

The tool belt comes with an average fit for any given waist size. Some other brands' bags have a construction, which is just not comfortable.

You may feel hot and sweaty from them. But this belt is the perfect match for you. The product made out from premium quality materials, which make it a comfortable fit. You will stay safe from a sweaty condition. The belt is made using heavy-duty 1250 durable nylon. This makes the pouch both lightweight and durable.

The bag has 18 pockets and tape chain. So, an electrician can carry a lot of tools on it. The bag has a lot of customization option and the overall support is great. For extra safety measurement, the belt comes with a one-year warranty. Don’t do you think this is one of the best electrician tool belts? Of course, this is one of the best products!

Available specs:

  • Dimension: 22 x 14.5 x 5.4 inches
  • Weight: 5.34 pounds
  • Size: medium 31’’ to 35” waist
  • Color: black
  • Material: Nylon


  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to carry
  • Perfect for medium size waist
  • 18 pockets
  • Beautiful design
  • Comes with warranty


  • Weighs a little bit too much
  • Not for large size waist

02. Occidental Leather 5590 LG Commercial Electrician's Set

This a specific tool belt, and it comes with hand-specific tool holders, which is makes this product perfect for you. Its tool holder is made of leather. All the function of this tool belt is perfect for a modern electrician. You can easily switch both sides of this bag.

This tool bag is long-lasting. Other tool bags that are made using nylon are not that good always.

Sometimes it's hard to keep your tools on a tool belt. But this tool belt is great to keep & carry your tools. But you need to wait for a few days for the leather to break in. The tool belt is easy to carry and offers a lot of options. The tool belt comes with a manufacturer warranty. We think this is the best match for you.

Available specs:

  • Dimension: 16 x 16 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 5.2 pounds
  • Material: Leather


  • Strong, durable
  • Can carry a lot of tools
  • Best for electricians
  • Can adjust the size
  • Beautiful design
  • Comes with warranty


  • Leather needs time to brake in
  • A little heavy

03. Milwaukee 48-22-8110 Electricians Work Belt

If you're a residential electrician, then you may need a tool belt that durable. The oversized tool, belt can be a pain sometimes. But this tool belt is a perfect one than any other tool belt you have seen before.

The waist size of the belt is another thing to consider. This tool belt comes with adjusting waist size. A 38 inches waist will have a great fit, and you will have a lot of room to spare.

But you will not be able to take a lot of tools using this tool bag. The tool belt can hold the necessary tools you need to complete the necessary residential electric jobs. The tool belt is equipped with a lot of features.

The build quality is durable. There is a lot of space in the toolbar. The pockets are large enough to hold square feet. The bag comes in multicolor. Handling and carrying the tool bag is a piece of cake. All these features make it one of the best electrician tool belt.

Available specs:

  • Dimension: 4.5 x 11.5 x 23.6 inches
  • Weight: 4.1 pounds
  • Color: Multi color
  • Material: Multi (Nylon, fabric)


  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to handle
  • Offers a lot of space for larger tools
  • Waist size compatible up to 40”
  • Great for residential electricians


  • If you have a small waist, it will not fit in

04. Tradesman Pro Electrician's Tool Belt

Many electricians like belts with removable pouch. The main advantage of a removable pouch is that it can carry a lot of tools. It is not just about carrying the tools. It is about the organization of the tools. You also need to think about your tool’s safety.

The Tradesman Pro Electrician's Tool Belt, Large Klein Tools 55428 is a perfect choice for you in this case.

The wide-open pockets of the tool belt can carry small tools, drills, and spare parts easily. The bag comes with drill bit pocket, loop tape measure and hammer holders.

The bag will be a perfect fit for 35 to 39 inches waist. The bag is made using polyester. So, it can withstand a lot of pressure. But the problem with polyester is that they may make you sweat in hot conditions.

The weight of the whole item is 2.08 ounces. So, the bag is very lightweight, and you will just feel the weight of the tools. This tool belt is great for doing daily electric jobs with ease.

Available specs:

  • Dimension: 11.5 x 13.5 x 10.2 inches
  • Weight: 2.08 ounces
  • Size: large
  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Multi color


  • Lightweight and can carry a lot of tools
  • The nylon construction makes the tool belt durable
  • Fits right is a 35 to 39 inches waist
  • Comes in large size
  • Looks beautiful
  • Great for starters


  • May face problem with the pockets
  • After a few months the stitching may come off

05. Gatorback Electricians Combo Deluxe Package

Let's just move onto some professional stuff. Professional electricians always need to keep safety measures in mind. This is tough. So they cannot just rely on a tool belt. On the other hand, sometimes electricians need to climb high areas.

This is dangerous as the belt may fall out. So a back strap with the tool belt is a must.

For this case, we have just the right tool belt. The bag comes with durable and strong build quality. The bag was made using DuraTeck 1250 fabric with bar-tack stitching.

There are metal rivels in every stress point of the bag. There are overall 17 pockets on the pouch, 18 on the right and 9 on the left. The breathable fabric is air ventilated, which means, you will not sweat in hot conditions.

The tool belt package also includes a hand glove for extra safety measures. The belt is a perfect match for medium size waist. If you have a 31 to 34 inches waist, the belt will fit right in.All these makes it one of the best electrician tool belt.

Available specs:

  • Material: DuraTeck 1250 fabric
  • Color: Black
  • Waist size: 31 inches – 34 inches


  • Tough built quality
  • Breathable air ventilating fabric will reduce sweat in hot condition
  • Comes with 27 pockets, 18 on the right side, 9 on the left
  • Padded back strap installed
  • Comes with hand glove for extra safety measures


  • The stitching comes undone sometimes
  • Back straps are not that supportive

06. Occidental Leather 5036 LG Leather Pro Electrician Set

Many electricians like leather tool belt. Leather tool belts are great for holding tools. They are both long-lasting and tough. For leather tool belt lovers this is a great choice. The belting leather comes with steel roller buckle.

So, it can withstand the toughest of situation. Basically, electricians face tough situations.

This belt will offer plenty of support to them. The belt has 23 different pockets and tool holders. You can organize and place your tools with ease. Leather tool belts are a little heavy.

But unlike other leather tool belts, this bag is quite lightweight. The tool belt has a simple design. Easy to handle and you will find your tools easily by using this belt. Any starter or residential electricians can use this tool belt. One of the best tool bag for electricians no doubt.

Available specs:

  • Dimension: 16 x 16 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 4.3 pounds
  • Color: Red
  • Size: Large


  • Tough construction
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to carry
  • Comes with 23 pockets for tools
  • Great for starters


  • Leather takes time to brake in

07. Occidental Leather 9596 Adjust-to-Fit Industrial Pro Electrician

Commercial electricians love leather tool belts. They are easy to handle and long-lasting. Leather tool bags are efficient and hand specific. The overall build quality of a leather bag is perfect for every electrician.

Well, let's get back to business. Like the previous one, this is another model from the manufacturer.

The belt has hip padding. So, you don't need to install hip padding. You can easily fit it in your waist. Leather tool belts are adjustable. This specific tool belt will fit right in any given waist size.

You can wear the belt for a long period of times. The belt is durable and tough. It can withstand any rough condition. It also comes with a shoulder strap. You can say this is a best belt and shoulder strap combo.

The occidental leather tool belt gives you a sweat-free experience in hot conditions. The good quality leather tool belt is well worth it for the price. But the weight may be an issue. Because it weighs a little too much.

Available specs:

  • Dimension: 16 x 16 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Material: Leather
  • Color: Gray
  • Pocket: 23
  • Size: any


  • Premium quality leather construction
  • Easy to handle and maintain
  • Occidental leather provides support on hot conditions
  • Provides enough support for your hips
  • Great for commercial electricians


  • Not available

08. Occidental Leather 5589 Electrician's Tool Case

Occidental makes the best leather tool case for electricians. The tool bag comes with 25 pockets and can carry a lot of tools. The tool bag includes a heavy-duty chain for electrical tape. You will also get a handy utility clip.

The tool bag was designed mainly for journeyman electrician. The bag weighs just 1.9 pounds.So, you can carry the bag with ease.

Mainly this is a greaty pouch for you to attach with your belt. You can wear the pouch all day long. The good quality leather can withstand any tough situation. This is a great pouch for your tool belt.

Available specs:

  • Dimension: 9 x 4 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • Material: Leather
  • Pockets: 25


  • Durable and tough build quality
  • Comes with 24 pockets
  • Great for any belt
  • Can hold a lot of tools


  • The pouch is a little heavy

09. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician's

The first product on our list is a rig tool belt of CLC that is designed for Electricians. Custom Leather Craft Manufacturing Co. Inc is a renowned manufacturer of work aprons, bucket organizer, tool bags, tool belts, knee pads, and suspenders. The evenly distributed weight and the stress points are riveted with top to bottom plated steel washers.

The washer is a disk-shaped plate, commonly used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener like screws or nuts and also helps to prevent galvanic corrosion.

Available specs:

  • Built-in cordless pocket for hanging the drill.
  • Three wide padded belts for a comfortable experience.
  • Double tongue steel roller buckle to adjust fitting.
  • Pouches have flaps on them to prevent spillage of the tools.
  • Gusset stitched pockets give better access & capacity.
  • Ballistic nylon doesn't let dust and debris to sit on the fiber

Ballistic nylon is a kind of thick, sturdy, nylon fabric which can protect wears from flying dust and debris fragmentation caused by any bullet and other artillery shell impacts.

When you bend over, it will not sit straight. Instead, the belt leans over and makes it uncomfortable.


  • Built-in cordless drill pocket.
  • Wide cushioned comfort belt.
  • Double-tongue steel buckle.
  • Zippered top flap on pouch.
  • Ballistic nylon.
  • Gusset stitched pockets. 


  • Bulky suspenders.
  • Impact gun or Makita doesn't stay in place when bent over.
Dead On Tools HDP411014 Pro Electrician's Suspension Rig

Dead On Tools suspension rig provides almost same features like Custom Leather Craft 1608 tool belt, but there are few reasons for which it might not be the perfect choice for you-

  • Its cheap Velcro separators are not so quality full. They come off very quickly and that may be a reason you’ll lose your tools.
  • The shoulder rig doesn't last long.
  • Its Pockets often hang due to weight and don’t have any holster for a hammer.

10. Dead On Tools HD54017 Utility Pouch

It is the best belt for any cable technician. This one features multi-function utility pouch which includes plenty of room for the accessories and tools comparing to your standard belt. It allows you to carry it in 3 different ways. Most of the users are pleased with its capaciousness and functionality.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3-way carrying functionality for your comfort.
  • Easy attachment to any belt you wish.
  • Reinforced pockets for extra security.
  • Lightweight fabric material.
  • Heavy duty adjustable belt included (approximately up to 60 inches)
  • Durable pouch with multiple pockets.

3 way carrying functionality- Firstly, you can wear it as a tool belt. Secondly, you can use the handle to carry the pouch as a bag. Finally, If you want hold it over the shoulder.

In fact, customers that expressed displeasure all seemed to agree that the belt loops required further strengthening.


  • Tough built.
  • Handy carry handle.
  • Good quality and cheap.
  • Lots of pockets to put everything.
  • Awesome 3- way carrying system.
  • 5 Ball-bearing drawer slide.
  • Power coated steel body.
  • Recessed side handle.
  • Two key lock.
  • Full-length aluminum drawer pull.
  • Powder coated paint finish.


  • Better with detachable shoulder strap.
  • Tape measure holder is too low on the bag.
  • Drawers are tough to pull.
  • Poor quality.

Checklist for buying an electrician and cable tech tool belt

Tool belts are really important for the professionals. If you are an electrician or cable technician having a tool belt is absolutely necessary. A decent tool belt can cost you from $50 to $200 or more.

We will discuss the most important checklist that you should consider before buying an electrician and cable technician tool belt.

Here is the checklist -Although both of the profession has a different name, somewhere along the way there are few similarities about what they do. Hence, their tool belts are also quite similar but definitely not identical.

Cable technicians have to install, maintain and repair internet services and residential cable televisions.

A basic list of tools for cable technician includes cable installer, cable tester, cable tracker, wire connectors, along with basic wire cutters, pliers, wire strippers, screwdrivers, tape and many more.

An electrician is responsible for electrical wiring of buildings, stationary machines, and related equipment.

A basic list of tools for an electrician includes screwdrivers, hammer, pliers, knives, wire cutter and strippers, hacksaws, drills and many more.

So you get the idea why both of them have a different tool belt. But when you want to buy the best tool belt for both of the profession, these are the things that you should consider.

The right category

Make sure you are buying the right type of tool belt, and it has the capacity to hold all your tools accordingly. If you are a cable tech then you should go for those made for cable technician, and the other way if you are an electrician.

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