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Among the best-rated tool box/chest brands and their models, it's hard to choose only one. But you can’t buy all. Your tools and working situation demand a particular type of box/chest. Besides that, there are many deals on mechanics tool chest. That’s why we wanted to help you with our expertise on tool boxes. But before that, we thought it would be appropriate to answer some of your questions first.

Best Tool Box/Chest Buying Tips

Some important tips are described in this video for you. Let's have a look before buying tool chest.

What quality makes a good mechanics tool chest?

Choosing the right tool chest is as important as choosing the tools. That’s why you can’t compromise its quality. Here are a few other things you’d like to consider for a good mechanics tool chest.

Construction: A heavy construction can save you from lots of trouble regarding your tools. Impact resistance body is a great plus point for a sturdy tool chest. A heavy-duty chest can even withstand falling from higher ground.

Stainless Body: Rust can cause extensive damage to your tools as well the chest. That’s why stainless steel body is crucial for a good quality tool chest.

Capacity: Capacity of tool chest depends on how much tools you own. This capability can be measured as the empty volume inside. Most of the countries use Cubic Inches or Cubic Meters. Others use Gallons to indicate the amount. The size can also be measured by the tools’ mass. The mass unit is mostly pounds.

Compartments and drawers: Separate drawers can be helpful in identifying the tools in different drawers. Besides, they create more individual space to store the tools. Thus labeling them is easy.

Handle: Well gripped side handle increases the mobility of a tool chest. Always try to buy tool chests with rubber handle.

Material: Most of the chests in the market are made of steel. But there are some with plastic construction. Though plastic is very lightweight, you should buy steel ones, preferably stainless steel rather than fragile plastic.

Wheel: Wheels are an important part of a tool chest. A good wheel serves to provide extra portability. Find a chest with wheel brakes because they’ll save your chest from accidental damage.

Balance: Good balance is another asset to tool chest stability. If the chest construction is not stable, it will trip when filled partially. That’s why the drawers should be placed equally on the chest so that the chest doesn’t feel the burden when they are filled with tools.

Drawer Pull: An efficient drawer pull makes sure easy access to the tool. The most common drawer tools are made of Aluminum. Besides Aluminum, Steel and plastic are also used to make them.

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Top Tool Mechanics Chest & Box of 2018

01. Excel Steel Top Chest (Best for the Money)

tarting this list with one of the best quality tool chests under 500 available on the market. You need a larger mechanic toolbox for a bigger workshop for storing tools for a long period. I recommend this easily manageable Excel toolbox highly to keep your tools organised in your workshop as it allows you to keep a large amount of tools. With Grippy side handle and special coating, this 26 inches tool storage is a perfect fit for your valuable tools. Recessed side handle ensures smooth movement.

Side handles -are crucial for tool chest mobility. If they are not attached correctly, you won’t be able to move it if needed. That’s why Recessed Side Handles are a great addition to a tool chest. It allows flexibility in smooth movement.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lock with two keys for extra security.
  • Full-length aluminum drawer pull.
  • Powder coated paint finish for smoothness and sleek look.
  • 5 Ball-bearing Slide Drawers where each can support up to 50 lbs.
  • Power coated steel body for durability and Scratch-resistance.

Powder Coated Steel Body:The metallic body can be rusty. But once they are powder coated, they can withstand scratch and massive impact.

It needs to be opened from above before opening the drawers. That’s time-consuming and irritating.


  • 5 Ball-bearing drawer slide.
  • Power coated steel body.
  • Recessed side handle.
  • Two key lock.
  • Full-length aluminum drawer pull.
  • Powder coated paint finish.


  • Drawers are tough to pull.
  • Poor quality.

Compare with "Kodiak Pro 6 Drawer Tool Chest"

Kodiak Pro 74306 is quite similar to Excel TB2105X. But that does not mean they are equally praiseworthy. At first, we thought to keep it on our list, but then we figured the differences between them. But you can still find it appealing.

Here are the primary differences:

Excel TB2105XKodiak Pro 74306
- 5 Drawers- 6 Drawers
- Recessed side handle- Molded case handle
- Aluminum drawer pull- Portable tray
- Power Coated body- No special coating

02. WEN Tool Chest And Cabinet Combo (Best Heavy Duty Chest Under 1000)

WEN 77041 is a packed with total 24 drawers and cabinets. That means it has plenty of space for your tools, no matter how small or big they are.

The more drawers your tool chest has, the more tools can be stored in them. That’s why this tool chest is a great storage for your tools with 12 separate drawers and 12 cabinets. You can buy it's upper part and lower part separately or together. Check its latest discount price of each part.

Highlighted Features:

  • Full-length industrial grade Aluminum drawer pulls.
  • 12 drawers with 17.1 inches deep chest of 6565 cubic inches storage and other 12 Drawers with 18.3 inches deep cabinet of 11130 cubic inches storage for storing your tools.
  • Removable side handle provides maximum mobility.
  • 17696 cubic inches of storage space.
  • 100 lbs rated self-locking ball-bearing slide.

Ball-bearing slidewith self-locking makes the tool chest spill-proof so that you don’t lose any of your precious power tools. If you add new padlock, you can make it even more secure.

The key hole is very fragile. With little hit with a hammer, it can break into pieces. So you can add an extra latch to keep it safe.


  • 17696 cubic inches storage
  • Self-locking ball bearing slide
  • Industrial grade Aluminum drawer pull
  • 12 Drawers and 12 cabinets
  • Removable side handles for portability.


  • The body dent is regular thing in it
  • Fragile keyhole.

Also Great "Milkwaukee Rolling Tool Chest"

This tool chest is very similar to WEN 77401 regarding their structure and construction type. But we didn’t think that it would be wise to include two same products on the list. Still, you can buy this one after you are impressed with its features. It has:

  • 27223 Cubic inches of storage space.
  • Top lid area for power tools.
  • Up to 1800 lbs support. 46 inches.
  • Industrial Grade polypropylene caster.
  • Reinforced angle iron base.

03. Stanley Structural Toolbox (Best Value Mechanics Box Plastic Portable)

To keep your basic tools in your hand reach distance which you use very often this one is perfect. Stanley structural tool box's very simple to set up with the single chamber. Stanley is a brand of trust. We couldn’t complete the list without including this plastic toolbox. Besides its spacious area, its patented water seals are a great addition to its tough character. Patented water seals are perfect to be used in the muddy and humid area, so it's great for plumbers. Include liner to keep the tools more organised. Check discounted price from different sellers here. You can buy it less than $50.

Patented water seals make the toolbox water resistant. These seals are perfect to be used in the muddy and humid area.

Highlighted Features:

  • Portable tote tray with 3/4 length design makes storage for large tools.
  • Rounded water resistant seal to secure the tools from the water.
  • Rustproof large metal latches.
  • Padlock eye allows adding a lock if necessary.
  • Integrated V-grooves on the top of the lid which makes it suitable for lumber and pipes.
  • The structural foam of this 22 -inch box is made of flake mica and the thermoplastic resin to provide increased durability

Thermoplastic is a type of plastic polymer that is pliable or mold-able above a certain temperature, and Mica is a group of Silicate sheet minerals. These materials are used to make things stronger and durable.

Once the box bent, it is tough to fix the dent. Be careful when using.


  • Portable tote tray.
  • Water resisting seal.
  • Rust proof latches.
  • Padlock Eye.
  • Ergonomic hand lifting recesses.
  • Integrated V-grooves on the lid.


  • No small part storage.
  • Hold shape when bent.

Also Great "Waterloo Specialty Series Tool Box"

Similar to Stanley 028001L, Waterloo is also waterproof. But Waterloo’s construction is very poor in quality. That’s why we didn’t want to place it on our list. Other than that, this toolbox is also great for its practical benefits like:

  • Full extension friction sliding drawers that support up to 25 lbs per drawer. It is 23 inches.
  • Comfort grip handle that allows you to carry it even with only one hand.
  • The shell construction is made of rugged and high impact polypropylene. Weight is only 16 pounds.

Organizing Tool Chest Like a Real Mechanics?

Care and Maintenance of Tool Box & Chest

Taking care of the tool chest is as important as buying a good tool chest. That’s why you can’t overlook its maintenance and care. In that case, follow these instructions below:

  • Avoid overfilling the drawers.
  • Don’t try to climb over the drawer to fetch anything when they are open. Doing so will force them to fall apart.
  • Be careful of your surroundings while moving the chest as they tend to be hefty when filled with tools.
  • When reached to the destination, the wheels should be locked to avoid unintended rolling..
  • Before leaving your chest unattended, close the drawers. This way, your tools will remain safe.
  • Don’t overweight the chest beyond recommended weight.
  • Distribute the weight of tool across the drawers.

Final Note

Best Mechanics tool boxes review is made by our expert’s opinion and practical experience with the tool boxes. Our team used them in various circumstances to give you the appropriate review. We have presented you with both positive and negative aspects of the products.

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