Metal drill bits are made specially to bore through the metallic surface. They are also known as high-speed steel (HSS) bits for, and usually come in black color.

They are much durable and more expensive than regular drill bits. Pierce through woods and plastic as well, but they are usually used on metal surfaces. Let’s take a look at the best drill bits for metal.

01. Irwin Drill Bit with Reduced Shank

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The only one reduced shank drill bit set in our list. Though the set comes with only one drill bit, it can easily pierce through hard materials. Reduced Shanks are usually straight shanks which are narrower than the drilling radius so that they could fit in the Chuck.

Highlighted Features:

The cutting edge starts to become dull upon use. That’s why this bit needs sharpening very frequently.



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02. Milwaukee Drilling and Driving Bit Set

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The 6th product on our list is the best hex shank drill bit set available on the market. The bits are coated with Titanium for increased performance and lifetime.

Highlighted Features:

Quik-Lok hex extension is a unique addition to drilling bits. It allows the drill to hold hex-shank bits firmly. The only problem of the driving bits is that they damage the screw heads.



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Facts to consider when buying drill bits for metal

Triangle Shank – The Triangle shank has three sides and an alternative of a hex shank for drills.

Morse Tapered Shank – These are primarily used in metal working. They sit directly into the drill itself and are self locking. The advantage with this shank is accurate centering.

Brace Shank – Another type of shank is the Brace shank. It is one of the first types of shanks available. They are tapered at the end, so the user can insert this type shank into a specific tool. The harder you push the bit into the tool, the better it will stay, as there was no real way to hold the bit in place.

SDS Shank – The next type of shank is the SDS. One of the biggest advantages is the quick loading of these shanks. Remember, they will not fit into any chuck, the power tool has to be able to accept these types of bits.

These are more common in power tools that require hammering into hard surfaces, such as rotary hammers. If you use an SDS bit you will notice that after you insert the bit into the chuck, the bit will move up and down a little. This acts like a piston, which gives the tool a better capability of hammering.

Straight Shank – Another common shank is the Straight Shank. These are used a lot with router bits and drill bits. As you can see by the shaft of the bit, a shank is usually the same size as the drill bit.

In regards to router bit shank sizes, the most common are 1/4″ and 1/2″. One plus about the straight shank is the accuracy to centering. While with a hex you might get some wobbling, a straight should not wobble at all.

Hex Shank – The most common type of shank is the Hex Shank. A hex shank has 6 sides that are held into place by a chuck. The hex shank allows for high torque. While they do make different size hex shanks, the most common is the 1/4″

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Final Verdict

In the end, we decided to give you one product we think appropriate for you. But this has been tough for us because we have all these great drill bit sets on this list.

After discussing with many professionals and practically using all the bits in this review, we decided to go with Neiko 10037A Left Hand Drill Bit Set because it is great for most drilling purposes.

It’s an extraordinary combination of M2 High-Speed Steel for highest durability, 135-degree Split performance Tip and TiN coating for better heat resistance. For the unmatched efficiency in drilling metal surface, Neiko would be the perfect deal for you.

Let us know if you think any other tool belt or accessories should have been on the list. We will be happy to hear from you.

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