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Like any artisan, a homeowner gardener relies on his/her tools.You don't need many, but the proper tools and organizing them properly make gardening much easier and more enjoyable. As a first time gardener, it can be more difficult. Choosing a best gardening tool belt is very important to organize the tools properly.

Keeping the tools together on your waist in a easy to reach distance is a good solution of making gardening easy. Whether you are an expert or new gardener, a garden tool belt is a must-have accessories. From the random brand of the market, you may become confused and regret after investing.

We picked up the best tool belt for homeowners, gardeners & ladies. But before proceeding, you should know a few things about it.

01. The Original Pink Box Tool Belt

All the tools of the “Oiginal Pink Box” are usually colorful as well as high quality. This pink colored tool belt is specially made for female homeowners.

The double row grommet belt is easy to adjust according to your waist. That’s why we kept this tool belt on our best tool belts list.

The adjustable and removable double grommet belt allows the wearer a comfortable fit. It also doesn’t slip from the waist.

Highlighted Features:

  • Synthetic polyester canvas are very long lasting.
  • Adjustable strap to fit the waistline.
  • No unnecessary metal or heavy object on the belt. That’s why it is extremely lightweight.
  • The stylish design of the belt and pocket allows you to wear it anywhere.

The compartments are small and narrow. That’s why it's hard to reach out for tools in the pockets.


  • Adjustable double row grommet belt.
  • Durable polyester canvas.
  • Lightweight.
  • Stylish design.​


  • Small space in the
  • Cheap stitches

02. Esschert Design Tool Belt

This garden tool belt is made by Esschert Design USA. Esschert Design develops, distributes and produces various home and garden gifts. 

The apron style wide pouch saves you from dirt. And this gardening belt also has a plastic clasp.

Plastic clasp is a device with interlocking parts used for fastening things together. Sometimes they are used just to adjust the belt according to the waist.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wide pocket allows storage to keep most of your tool.
  • The synthetic fabric can save you from water splashes.
  • Apron style pocket protects you from dirt and debris while you work on the ground.
  • The belt is very lightweight to carry.
  • Very sturdy. This belt will last much longer than you can imagine.
  • Bologna construction with leather lining.

Bologna construction is often called tubular construction or bag construction because the leather forms the upper which goes all around the shoe like sewn into a bag or a tube.

As it is made of synthetic fabric, the belt may slip down from the waist. make sure to tighten the belt while working to avoid this problem.


  • Plastic clasps
  • Wide pockets
  • Apron style pocket to save you from dirt
  • Water resistant
  • Adjustable belt
  • Sturdy, durable and lightweight


  • Belt often slips
  • Not much space

Importance of buying a tool belt for gardeners & Homeowners?

Many homeowners hate to wear tool belts. They hated the weight and resented having poorly stowed tools snag on ladders and scaffolding. The trade-off was constant interruptions to fetch what they needed from the other side of a room, rather than have the hand tools and fasteners they needed right there with them.

Whether you work on your house once a week or once a month, this is a logical rhythm you can learn. We’ll show you the layout plan of a tool belt and the hand tools many pros carry, and explain why you should copy them.

If you are a tool belt hater, let see what a gardener without tool belt do: Make umpteen unnecessary trips from the roof to the ground hauling tools.

  • Stuff the fasteners they needed in their pants and shirt pockets.
  • Hand-carry their small tools.
  • Waste lots of time looking for tools and fasteners they’d placed “somewhere.”

Compared with the tool belt users home owners, tool belt haters struggle with their work. Gardeners working performance, safety and speed all improve with the properly loaded tool belt.

Final Note

Finding the best gardener or home owner tool belt has never been easy unless you know about the details of everything what to consider before buying them. For occasional do-it-yourselfers, a sturdy, inexpensive cloth nail apron is great.

Let us know if you think any other tool belt or accessories should have been on the list. We will be happy to hear from you. You can also buy best tool belt with suspenders.

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