Best Tool Chest Under 1000 (Updated Review & Buying Guide) 2019

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Our garage is about 40 years old. When our garage was established in 1980, then tools chest was not very popular, because it was very expensive products. But yes, my ancestors worked without modern equipment. My father is an expert electrician.

Now I am an electrician too; basically I was inspired by my father. When I started the garage work in 2004, then my father introduced me to the versatile Tools Chest. Trust me; I've bought the tool chest for only two times in the last 15 years.

You must be surprised! How a tool chest becomes so durable and steady? Do you want to know? So, some extraordinary information is waiting for you in this content. Which will help you to purchase the best tool chest under 1000. So, let’s start from here.

Some of the best tool chest under 1000

If you are looking tool chest in the online store and if you want to purchase, you have hundreds of options. But do you know that which options will be best for you? Which feature makes a tool chest best? We've researched the best 7 tools chest in the market and reviewed them. These are definitely the best tools chest for you.

Viper Tool Storage V4109WHC 41-Inch 9-Drawer 18G Steel Tool Chest, White

Viper Tool Storage is the most popular brand for tool box. There are many types of tool chest of these brands; most of these are the first choice of mechanic's or electricians. What is the main feature of this V4109WHC? You must know it before buying.

It is made with strong and sturdy steel, 18 gauges or 1.0 mm steel has been used to manufacture this chest. This tool chest has 9 drawers, the drawers slide through 100 LB rated bearings. As a result, pulling and pushing the drawers are both very easy and smooth. When the drawers will be filled up with tools, it may be difficult to pull the drawer. But due to the use of ball bearings, it will be very easy.

The V4109WHC tool chest can be easily transferred. It has handle on both sides. There is also a cam lock for the security of the tools. So tools are safe inside the chest and no possibility of lost anything’s. Moreover, this box has been finished with powder coated.

Another great feature for you, when you will open the chest and wake the lid, then there is an aluminum stand to provide support the lid. On which the lid will be stable and then you will be able to take the tools.

Our Favorite Features

  • Powder coated finish.
  • Locking system with Cam lock.
  • 9 drawers with sliding system.
  • Ball bearing drawer slides.
  • Aluminum drawer pulls.
  • Constructed with tough 18 Gauge steel.
The Original Pink Box PB3005R 30

Generally, having the large-sized tool chest is very advantageous for the professional technician or carpenter. But it is not so large. If you want to purchase this for personal working purpose, then this one may ideal for you. This 30-inch tools chest comes with life-time warranty.

You may have asked about durability. It had been made with heavy duty steel, and used the durable powder coat for finish this box. Do you know the effectiveness of using the powder coat? It protects any metal from decay and keeps very smooth.

The box has been designed with 5 drawers. They are decorated in such a way that they can easily be drawn. It has ball-bearings for sliding the drawers. Each drawer holding capacity is at least 45 kg. This box is made with the latch system; the latch will protect the user from any accident while opening the box. It’s fully non-slip. Besides, there is the handle on both sides; it is very easy to move. So PB3005R is safe and convenient tool chest for you. (Overall Dimensions of the box (inches): W 34.12 x D 24.62 x H 35।)

Our Favorite Features

  • Different size drawers, the size of the top two are (W 26.25 x D 21 x H 2.25) inches. The size of the three bottom drawers are (W 26.25 x D 21 x H 5.12.)
  • 7-pin internal locking system.
  • Each drawer support up to 100 lbs.
  • Ball bearing slides for smooth sliding.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Bright color.
The Original Pink Box PB1804R 16-Inch 4-Drawer 18G Steel Rolling Tool/Salon Cart, with Bulk Storage, Pink

It's a spectacular and attractive tool chest. There are four drawers in this bright pink color’s tool box. Each drawer has a capacity of carrying more than 100 lbs weight, so you can carry more than 400 lbs of weight in 4 drawers. Comes with ball-bearings to drag the drawers easily, so it slides very smoothly and there is no possibility of a slip. Because of spraying the pinky color, the chest will not get scratch and will not be attacked by rust.

Its shape is somewhat cubical and total storage is 5,825 cubic inches. So you can use it to storage enough appliances. There is no doubt about the stability. 18G steel has been applied to manufacture this tool chest, which is very durable. And because of the internal keyed locking system, it is more secure. So it is impossible to steal anything from the box.

The internal security system allows all the drawers and the over sized compartment locked through a single lock. It’s a very interesting feature to us. Moreover, this box comes with 4 small wheels as a mobility option and it also has two handles on both sides, it is used for pulling. In a word, you are getting one of the best tools chests in 1000 dollars.

Our Favorite Features

  • 4 drawers and an over sized compartment.
  • Each drawer can carry more weight than 45 kg.
  • All drawers and compartment can be locked with a single lock.
  • Moving tool chests from one place to another are very easy.
  • The chests made from sturdy steel.
  • It's a cubical tool chest.
Goplus Tool Cabinet Storage Tool Chest Rolling Steel 12 Drawers with Wheels Work Station Rubber Wood Top Tool Organizer, Black

When you are a professional electrician or mechanic and you have a team for your work, then you need a large-scale tool chest. In this tool chest, you will be able to storage separately more than one set of appliance for your teams. Be sure, Goplus Tool Cabinet Storage Tool Chest is a standard tool chest for you.

It’s made with cold rolled high-quality steel. As a result, it has turned into a versatile performance tool. It looks like a cupboard, so it can be used as a table. Its top table made with rubber-wood, so it is very smooth. Upon it, you can do various tasks.

There are 12 drawers in this box; it offers you to store a lot of tools in this tool chest. And it has a large door cabinet, which can hold large size of appliance. Goplus comes with 12-wheel, this makes it easy to move. You can do various work by dragging it to your workplace. Because of the Goplus Tool has a very large work surface.

You have getting 5 drawers for holding tools; these 5 drawers have separate locking systems. It plays a special role to ensure the security of your valuable tools. Then there are 7 small drawers, in which you can keep small tools. These seven drawers can also be locked. And you can use each drawer independently. If you want to separate the cabinet from the chest; you can do it and can be added again. Because it's a detachable cabinet.

Our Favorite Features

  • It has total of 12 drawers and included a cabinet, the cabinet is detachable.
  • The drawers are divided in two parts; there are separate security systems for two parts.
  • The tool chest has the large top table, its surface made with rubber wood. Where different tasks can be done.
  • Made of sturdy steel, can be used for a long time.
  • It comes with 12 wheels; the wheels can rotate in 360 degrees.
  • Drawer slides with ball bearings.
Goplus 30

Are you looking for an ideal tool chest to use in the garage? So Goplus 30 "x 24.5" tool box you is a standard tool chest for, you can use it in the garage or at home. This chest has been built with high-quality cold rolled steel. You can use it for a long time with permanency.

It's designed in bright red color, which comes with 6 drawers. Each drawer slides through ball bearings. As a result drawers are very easy to pull and push. The drawers have enough holding capacity.

Each drawer can carry 35-90 kg weight. These 6 drawers will provide enough space to keep your tools. And there is a single lock for 6 drawers; it ensures the safety of 6 drawers. The top table size of the chest is bigger. So you can put the necessary tools on top while working.

It has another advantage. The chest down is the four large wheels, which can be rotated in 360-degree corners. You can pull it with yourself in the garage or room while working. And it does not need much space to keep; you can easily store it at any side of the room. Take a look at this tool Chest features.

Our Favorite Features

  • 6 large drawers, which provide enough space to keep the tools.
  • Designed with a bright and visible color.
  • There is a capacity to bear a total of 2400lbs.
  • Small drawers can carry 45 kg and large drawers can 90 kg.
  • The size of the top table is larger than the box; any work can be done on it.
  • It is made of high-quality steel, so it is suitable for long use.
Montezuma Tool Box - 41

In most cases, you will get the same features in the entire tool chest. There may be differences between colors and brands. Montezuma 41" Tool Box is a box that comes with 11 drawers. Each drawer can carry at least 100 lbs. Drawers are set on ball bearing, so they can be easily opened. Because these ball bearing make smooth the drawer slides.

Drawer has a full width, wraparound aluminum handle for pulling drawers, which allows you to open drawer more easily. Especially when the tools are kept in the drawer, the drawer becomes too heavy, and then it may be difficult to pull. But this will not be the problem because of the ball bearings and aluminum handle.

Are you worried about long-term use? Please don’t worry about long-term use; 20-gauge heavy duty steel has been used to manufacture it. Usually, 18-Gauge steel is used for an advanced quality tool chest. That's why our editor mentioned this tool chest as the best tool chest under 1000. You can purchase it undoubtedly.

Our Favorite Features

  • 11 drawers, a total of 1100 lbs can carry.
  • There are ball bearings and handles for pulling the drawers, the drawer handles made of aluminum.
  • The chest body has made with the 20-gauge steel.
  • For the convenience of relocation, it comes with four wheels.
  • There is a locking system for drawer security.
  • Comes with 5-year warranty.
Husky Extra Deep 46 in. 9-Drawer Mobile Workbench

Let's now introduce you to an exceptional type of tool chest. You can use this toolbox for a variety of purposes. This box has 9 drawers; the top surface is made of rubber wood.

The size of the surface is 46 inches, due to its being wood; it is very convenient to work on it. On the other hand, there are four outlets on the wall and there are two USB. You can charge the mobile or various electronic devices with the power connection.

The 9 lockable drawers will provide you the enough space to storage the tools and each drawer can easily hold on 45-50 kg weight. This is enough for a professional or non-professional mechanic.

The lower drawer has more space than the upper drawer, so you can store 180 kg or 400 lbs of tools in the two bottom drawers. Besides, there is a premium pre-cut drawer liner in the drawer, which will keep both drawers and tools safe.

The tools chest's top is like a large size table, that surface can use as a working ‍place. It is very smooth and the rubber is used to make this table. The chest's body has finished with rust-resistant powder coat black paint. It will keep the chest's glory for a long time. 

Our Favorite Features

  • This chest has been manufactured with 9 drawers locking system.
  • Overall you will get the additional 46-inch surface.
  • This chest has a small and big two-sized drawer, The small drawer has the capacity to carry 45 kg and a large drawer's capacity is 90 kg.
  • There are four wheels to move the box.
  • Comes with USB support port.
  • Can be used for a long time.

Some of the major consideration for buying Best tool chest under 1000

Do you think that you have enough experience to buy tools chest? Yes, after reading product reviews, you have a concept about tools chest. Is it so enough?

We've done a long research with tools chest, in nearly 48 hour’s research, we consider some features as the main. Let’s see our favorite features, which will help you make quick decisions.

Storage Capacity: One of the main goals of buying tool chests is to storage the tools. When you are a professional mechanic, then you have more than multiple dozen of tools for your work. So you need a wide space, where you can store all kinds of tools.

Frame Durability: This is one of the most significant features to make success in your investment. You have to use it for a long time after purchasing a tool chest in  1000 USD. But the good news is that the company provides a lifetime warranty for some tool boxes. Before purchasing, you need to be careful about the material that has been used for manufacture the tool chest. For the high-quality chest, most of the manufacturer has used 18 G-20 G steel. These are very sturdy and durable.

Also, you should be careful about the finish. Most chests are finished with powder coated. As a result, the steel gets protection from scratches and corrosion.

Drawers: If you have more drawers, you can store a lot of tools or instrument. However, the drawer size should be noticed, if at least 100 lbs -200 lbs weighing tools can be stored in a drawer, then it will good enough for a professional.

Slides: Modern tool chest has two types of drawer slides. One is non-bearing, it has no significant advantage. Rather it is difficult to pull such a drawer. But the ball-bearings drawer slide system is the smartest and easiest. Even if the drawer is heavy, there is no problem and there is no possibility of a slip. So the ball bearings are always suitable for you.

Lock: This is a very significant feature. One of the main reasons for using your tool chest is to ensure the safety of the tools. For this reason, the tools chest needs to have a lock system. But the entire tools chest's security system is not the same, most tools chests remain a lock for cabinet and have a different lock for the drawers. All drawers can be locked and unlocked through a lock. As a result, your valuable tools will be safe.

Caster: Not all tools chest come with wheel. The wheel can be rotated in a 360-degree angle, so chest can be moved to any place. However, if you have a lock system with the wheels, then your chest's security will be perfectly sure.

What are the Benefits of Using Tools chests?

A tool Chest will play a very significant role in increasing your reputation for professionalism. If you have a tool chest, you can store all the set of tools. You may be a technician, or mechanic or garage worker, but it is not a matter. You can use it effortlessly.

  • If all your tools are arranged, that easy to find the working time.
  • There will be no possibility of stolen tool.
  • Tools are protected from damage.

The Final Verdict

We've come to the end of the article, also, you may feel bored, but you've got some good information to buy the tool chest and maybe you've found your favorite tools chest. Because we have mentioned here that all the necessary information about the tool chest for your convenience.

Hopefully, this article helped you to find your desirable tools chest. We have reviewed 7 products in this  best tool chest under 1000 article. If your budget is 500 USD then our best choice for you the TANK STORM Tool Chest and if your budget is 1000 dollars you can buy this chest Montezuma Tool Box - 41. I hope you will be satisfied using them.

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