Best Tool Pouch for Carpenters 2020

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A well-suited tool belt can keep your tools organized as well as secure while working. Most of the cheap belts are poorly made and don’t have spill proof pouches.

Tools falling apart from your belt is the main reason, you get annoyed with the tool belt. A belt made of durable, sturdy material with spill proof pockets is the best companion for any worker. You should never compromise with its quality if you want to have a good experience with your belt.

It's not worthy to have a tool belt when you can’t use it as you’ve wanted. So, we have figured out that, it’d be helpful for you if we provide honest reviews on the Best Tool Pouch for Carpenters available in the market.

If you already have a Carpenters tool belt, you can check best tool belt for gardeners and best tool belt for framing in the market.

Top 3 Best Tool Pouch for Carpenters

Our Top Picks


DEWALT DG5650 31-Pocket Professional Carpenter's

DEWALT DG5650 31-Pocket Professional Carpenter's Pro-combo Apron Tool Belt
All rounder

Task Tools T77265 Carpenter's Apron

Task Tools T77265 Carpenter's Apron, Oil-Tanned Split with Leather Belt, 12-Pocket

Top Rated Carpenter's Tool Belt

1. Occidental Leather Belt

The belt In our list is the best durable leather tool belt of the market. It's made by leading tool belt producer of USA. Occidental leather making tool belt since 1980.

Yes, the price is little bit high as you are getting the best, water repellent and extra- thick leather product.

It has fat lip folded leather in the pocket’s mouth. It makes the mouth of the pouches stay open and allow you access the tools easily.

The Leather Fat Lip holds the bag’s posture. Aside from keeping the mouth open it protects against shock and abrasion.

Highlighted Features:

  • Commercial rugged Nylon lining.
  • The belt is Very durable and can hold many tools in the pocket.
  • Leather fat lip makes sure the posture of the belt stay as it should be.
  • Crafted from high-density neoprene.

Neoprene is synthetic rubber which ensures good chemical stability and flexibility over a wide temperature range.

Lack of padding in this belt causes slight discomfort, especially in hot weather.


  • The leather Fat Lip keeps the bag formed
  • Crafted from high-density neoprene
  • Rugged commercial nylon
  • Very Durable


  • Dull design
  • Tool holders break apart
Task Tools T77265 Carpenter's Apron, Oil-Tanned Split with Leather Belt, 12-Pocket

In spite of some similarities with our previous belt, we don't recommend it as it has the major flaws.

  • Both Task Tools T77265 and Occidental Leather Tool Bag Set are made of leather and designed especially for heavy duty.
  • Apart from these similarities, T77365 has a bad image for its pockets. Because it's large, tools often falls from the pouch and doesn’t have spill proof pouch zippered pouch.

02. Occidental Leather Belt

De Walt Manufacturing Co. mainly produces and repairs custom industrial machinery and parts. They have several tool belts in the market but we have picked the best finish carpenters belt from them.

This carpenter’s tool belt has special gusset type pouches. The pockets in this belt are high and spill proof. You would never be worried of losing your tools. It also has a six inches wide padded strap for extra comfort.

A Gusset is a rhomboidal or triangular piece of fabric which is inserted into the stitch to reduce stress or add breadth from tight fitting clothing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cushioned belt for comfort and back support.
  • For adjustments, there is a Patented pouch handle.
  • Six inches wide heavy duty comfortable padded belt.
  • Zipper pockets act as spill-proof storage.
  • Double-tongue roller buckle provides an extra comfort as well as keeps the belt stable.
  • Special Dri-lex lining in the pockets.

Dri-Lex fabric works in conjunction with other materials to redistribute moisture.

Large size can be both good or bad.


  • Gusset-style pockets. Double-tongue roller buckle for comfort.
  • 6-Inch heavy-duty padded belt.
  • Dri-Lex liner & Zippered pocket.
  • Patented pouch handle allows adjustments


  • Cheap loop belt.
  • Pockets starts falling apart.

Accessories of Tool Belt

Hammer holster / Loops: They are often steel or leather made loop that can hold a heavy hammer. It’s impossible to carry it in a pouch, that’s why the holster is important to be a candidate for the best tool belt.

Drill Holders: They are similar to hammer loops. But they hold the nose of a drill.

Pouches: These pockets are useful for holding small nails and screws. They can be different in depth, size, and construction.

Belt Hooks: Though belt hooks are often used to hang belts to the wall or closet, in a tool belt they are used to hang wrenches or lanyards.

Zippered/Latched pouches: They are added to the belt to protect the sharp or precious tools from getting lost or spilled out of the pouch. The flaps on them are attached with Velcro.

Different Types of Tool Belt

The types of tool belt depend on its material. Unless you don’t understand the differences, you won’t be able to choose a perfect one for yourself.

Leather: Leather tool belt are sturdy, can hold heavier tools and it doesn’t rip or tear up usually. The only problem is that they are quite heavy.

Suede Leather: Suede is pliable, but they are still strong enough to hold your tools. But suede is not much rugged as hard leather.

Polyester: They are flexible, lightweight and waterproof, yet they can be damaged & snagged. That’s why Nylon is suitable to work in wet and muddy places.

Nylon: Nylons are pliable and lightweight. Like polyester, they get marred or snagged. They are also waterproof and suitable in a humid atmosphere.

Cloth: Clothes easily rip up, but they are extremely lightweight. Grabbing nails and screws is easy in them.


Hope you get the best carpenter tool belt for the most efficient and affordable one in your budget you. We picked the best one and made comparison table so you can compare all belts together. Choosing the perfect belt for your needs hopefully be much easier as you have read the article.

Let us know if you think any other tool belt or accessories should have been on the list. We will be happy to hear from you. You can also buy best tool belt with suspenders.

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