How To clean your garage with vacuum |A Complete Guidelines

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The most useable place of home is a garage that is used for park vehicles. Most of the garages have large doors that need constantly opening and closing for this garage becomes full of dust.

To keep garage dust free regular cleaning needed. In this blog post. we're going to talk about How to clean your garage with vacuum!! So, if you wanna learn more, please read the full content

1. Prepare weekend routine:

The proper weekend routine which helps you for saving time and energy and make easier your work. If possible engage family members for a proper plan and divide work.

Here we discuss how to get out three of the toughest stains of a garage which is oil, paint, and rust. Get all of the how-to instructions

2. Take All Thing Out of garage:

The first step is to Pick Everything Out. This makes easier to work, the garage cleaning tip will also allow you to see what space you have to work with and what types of storage might work best.

3. Construct shelving:

Give roof on your garage if you don't have a strong roof. All types of hardware stores available on this shelving.

4.Buy plastic containers:

Buy some plastic container make sure the bins are not too tall for your shelving. 

5. Keep During a Garage Clean out

  • Adopt the rule that it if hasn't been used for 12 months, it is probably not needed
  • Tools you can’t easily rent or borrow.
  • Remove big items, such as work tables, totes, vacuums, etc.

6. Install an Air Filtration System

The garage needs heat or cool filtered appliance, so that considers running an air filtration, or dust containment, a system like woodworking shops.

These systems work only to clean the air—they don't affect the air temperature.  Many works with an electrostatic filtration system to pull dust and other particulates out of the air.

Filtration or containment systems are particularly helpful in garages that are used as shop spaces.

7. Clean Lawn Equipment and Garden Tools

After each use, clean your lawnmower and garden tools outdoors before storing them away in the garage.

Garden tools have a large amount of the dirt and dust in a garage Grass clippings. Outdoor play equipment should also be cleaned before storage.

8. Vacuum, Don't Sweep

Once your garage is thoroughly cleaned and you have taken the logical steps to reduce and control dust, you will still need to perform ongoing cleaning.

A shop vacuum with a good internal filter is a much better way to keep things clean than pushing around dust and dirt with a broom.

Garage dust consists of very fine, almost microscopic particles, and a broom that tough to remove. Clean or replace the filter on the shop vac regularly so that it continues to catch fine dust.

9. Use Sealed Storage Containers

If you are storing things like potting soil, grass seed, playground sand, fertilizers, clothing, sidewalk salts, plaster, or drywall compounds in the garage, make sure to keep them in covered and sealed containers.

All types of dry materials can contribute to dust in the garage. Try to keep on the garage some convenient plastic storage containers for items safely sealed. Sealed containers will also prevent rodents from infiltrating your belongings.

Garage Cleaning Tips

  • Remove motor oil stains using cat litter, dish soap, and a wire scrub brush.
  • Wipe away any mold using either bleach or vinegar diluted with warm water.
  • Use a sponge mop to clean garage walls from top to bottom.
  • Once finished, use a flat head mop with a microfiber cloth to dry the wall.
  • After mopping, use a floor fan to speed up the floor drying process.


  • Try to remove oil spills before they stain or cause possible slips.
  • Be wary of chemicals. Make sure they are stored or disposed of carefully.
  • Avoid that step if  allergy or any kind of dust problem.

When Cleaning Out Your Garage, Take Your Time

With these tips, you can tackle it one step at a time and reclaim your parking space within a single weekend. Have your advice to share?

Let us know in the comments! For advice on organizing other rooms, check out our ridiculously thorough Guide to Cluttering Your Home.

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