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Best Drill Bit Shank Set Reviews (Hex, SDS & Reduced)

Metal drill bits are made specially to bore through metallic surface. They are also known as high-speed steel (HSS) bits for, and usually come in black color.They are much durable and more expensive than regular drill bits. Pierce through woods and plastic as well, but they are usually used on metal surfaces. Let’s take a look on the […]

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Different Parts of a Drill Bit


Knowing the different parts of your drill bit is important unless you want your bit to break down for your ignorance and carelessness. Each part has different function and construction that’s why each of them needs separate care. To know how it should be done, first, you should be aware (of) its functionality. When you […]

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How to Sharpen Drill Bits


Drills are a must item in any toolbox. Where sharp drill bits are comfortable and fun to use, on the other hand working with dull bits is risky and foolish. It can break while you are working and the broken piece can hit your eye. So, if you have a flat bit, you should sharpen […]

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How to choose the right drill bit material?

Not all bits are the same. Each project has different needs. That’s why there are so many shapes and designs of drill bits. Different project requires particular shaped drill bit. That’s why it is mandatory to know the difference and why they are suitable for specific surface or material. If you choose a wrong drill […]

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What are the different types of drill bits?

A Dozen types of drill bits make it harder for us to choose one. To pick just the one you need, you should know the different typesBefore getting on the details for the types of drill bits, you need to know the materials used to make them.   Cobalt Steel   Solid Carbide   HSS […]

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10 things you should know about diamond drill bits


Diamond drill bits are expensive and sometimes fragile. If you don’t know how to operate drill machine with them, you might end up breaking them. Most of the drill bits you buy from the market do not come with any instruction manual. That’s why we stepped in. This article contains 10 most common queries regarding […]

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