What Should an Electrician Tool Belt Contain?

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Almost every professional worker has a unique set for himself. The set depends on his working area and requirement.

As electricians work with wires and electricity, their tools are based on them. They tend to have wire cutters to cut different sizes and density of wires.

They also have several meters to measure electrical units. Besides them, a set of electrician’s tools includes many more things.

We are listing them below so that you know what should you carry if you are a professional electrician who likes to have everything in your reach. 

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Pliers: This is the primary tool for any electrician. It’s a must for twisting or turning wires together and for tightening a connection. They could also be used to pull the fish tape and tightening Red B-Caps.


Diagonal-Side Cutting Pliers: Its primary function is to cut the wires to a particular length when terminating on a device. It is made of tough metal that can cut from Aluminum up to durable Steel.

Nose Pliers: Nose Pliers has multiple uses. They help you to reach dropped nails/screws or to make it steady for drilling. Besides, when you need to pull out the nails, they are a great help.

Strippers: They are used as side cutters and looping the wires. Mostly they strip out the insulation over the wire so that they can be joined with one another or added to a switch.

Slip joint pliers: These pliers are included with a slot in one jaw through which the second jaw slides, permitting an adjustable span.

Pincers: It is a tool made of two pieces of metal that bear blunt concave jaws, arranged like the blades of a scissor. It is used for pulling and gripping things.


Circlip Pliers: A Circlip pliers is a particular type of its kind which is used for removing and fitting retaining rings.

Channel Locks: These are used to tighten fitting when installing the EMT conduit and Rigid Conduit. They often come handy while fastening lock nuts on connectors.

Cable Terminator: To attach two connections or wires, they need to be cut perfectly and smoothly. These Cable cutters are very useful in cutting bold cables.

Welder: A small electric welding machine is a very handy tool for electricians who work with the circuit board. They can attach the wire to a circuit board by melting down Aluminum or any other soft metal.

Crimping Tool: A crimping tool is a gadget used to conjoin two different pieces of metal by deforming any one piece or both of them in a way that causes the pieces to hold each other. Broadband connections are added to with it.

Crimping Tool

Screwdriver: This is another must have item for an electrician. It is a tool that is used to screw and unscrew. They are usually covered with rubber as insulation from electricity.

Knife: It is a fabulous addition to any electrician’s tool set. A knife can come handy in many ways. For cutting wires or sharpening the edge ofwires, and many more uses, it is a must have item for anyone works with cables.

Roto-Split: If you work with MC Cable, this is a crucial tool for you. As electrician always comes across MC Cables, they need to carry it with them at all times.

MC Cable can be found in industrial or commercial settings. Roto-Split can make the cutting job quickly. Another thing is that it never damages the cable.


Pipe Reamer: When you work with an EMT conduit then it is a great live saver. When electricians cut conduit with their saw, it usually leaves Sharp pieces on edge.

But the reamers remove all the sharp pieces and make the edge smooth. It also has a flat head screwdriver at the end so that you don’t have to change the tools when the fittings need to be tightened.

Electrician Level: They are used to install EMT conduit and electrical cabinets. They have a magnetic base with embedded magnets spaced-out to allow the level to sit on top of the edges of metal pipes.

Magnet-Tape Measure: Measuring tape is an essential item for any professionals, not only electricians. Sometimes they need to measure certain areas to wire them. That’s why electrician can’t afford to leave it behind.

Magnet-Tape Measure

Voltage Detected: It can be used to determine if the circuit is on or off.

Nipper: Nipper is a small tool that is used in nipping or removing small amounts of hard materials.

Sheet Rock Saw: These small sized saws are perfect for cutting wires and removing insulation. Besides they can easily cut pipes through which the wires will go to the circuit board.

Ammeter/ Ampere Meter: An Ampere meter is a measuring instrument which is used to measure the current in a circuit. Electric currents are usually measured in ampere; hence its name is Ampere meter.

Electricians can’t do without it. It’s a must have item for anyone who works with electric wires.

Tape: An electrician can’t do without a tape. You’ll need it for various reasons. Attaching two copper wires together is the main reason every electrician has it in his belt.

Voltmeter: Electrician needs to measure the electric potential in volts, that’s why they need a Voltmeter. It is a very helpful gadget that allows him to gain full knowledge about the electric line they are operating.


Now that you know what your tool belt needs to contain, you can check them before you leave for work.

Make sure you don’t forget any of them. If you do, you’ll have to find an alternative for that tool and alternatives are not always that efficient in its work.

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