Best Tool Belt for Construction & Framing 2019

Best Tool Belt for Construction

Constructing the framing for buildings or total construction process is hard work. You have to spend long hours trying to get each project done.

It is important as a framer that you get the job done efficiently. If you spend time searching around for a tools you need to get the job done, you lose precious money and time. You can check electrician tool belt here.

Fortunately, having one of the top framing or construction tool belts can help you keep all of your necessary tools organized around your waist for quick access. Questing for a good framing/construction tool belt will deliver a huge list of options to search. Trying to select the perfect belt is time consuming with so many options. The review guide below can make that easier for you, as we’ve compiled and compared a small handful of the best framing tool belts.

What is a Tool Belt?

If you are new to the word tool belt, let me explain it first.

The most simple definition of tool belt is one that holds all the necessary tools for any work.

This easy-to-use accessory you can wear around your waist as your regular belt to keep all the tools for a specific task. So it is easy to reach the tools altogether..

What should you consider while buying a tool belt?

There are few facts you should look for in a standard tool belt for your work. You should search a tool belt depending on how you will use that. If you work with the belt on a daily basis, you need a durable and sturdy fabric in your belt. Again, if you carry too many tools, you should buy a belt that has multiple pockets. Here are few more things you can look for before buying a tool belt :

  • Double stitching
  • Amount of pockets
  • Quality of material, seam, rivet
  • Buckle and strap adjust ability
  • Hammer Holsters
  • Durability & Strength
  • Manufacturer quality

Make the purchase as soon as you find the qualities in a belt that suit with your workplace. But never ignore the comfort while looking for the best tool belt ever because if you do this, you have to regret later.

01. DEWALT DG5617 Combo Apron Tool Belt (Best Framers Tool Belt)

DeWalt produces and repairs industrial machinery and their parts. This company has tool belts for using in various purposes. From their huge list of belts we have picked a best framers belt. This belt has padded yoke-style fully adjustable suspenders. It fits waist sizes from 29" to 46". Patented pouch handle allows for simple belt adjustments and easy one-hand carrying. Its pretty light with plenty of pockets of various size will keep your tools secure.

A Gusset is a rhomboidal or triangular piece of fabric which is inserted into the stitch to reduce stress or add breadth from tight fitting clothing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Neoprene-padded large cell phone holder on its suspenders.
  • Its breathable 5" cushioned belt provides extra comfort.
  • Built-In Utility Knife Pocket helps to avoid accidental punctures of the pouch.
  • Large gusset-style 9 main pockets, 11 smaller pockets and sleeves for pencils, nails, parts, nail sets,
  • tools.
  • Its double-tongue roller buckle provides an extra comfort & provides stablity.

The plastic parts should be used carefully.


  • Large gusset-style pockets for easy access.
  • Breathable mesh 5-Inch padded belt.
  • 9 large & 11 small pockets.
  • Double tongue buckle for stability.
  • Pouch handle allows easy adjustment.
  • Cushioned yoke-style suspenders.


  • Weak plastic part.​

Also Great "Custom LeatherCraft Framers Belt Review"

Framers use some of the same tools as carpenters, but there are some different tools need a framer. You must keep in mind that you may need extra room for more tools. It fits waist sizes from 29" to 46". This CLC 5-pieces heavy dyty Combo Belt will be the perfect companion which meets all the necessary quality of a good framing tool bag. It can be your perfect alternative choice.

  • It has 3" padded belt with single roller buckle. Completely adjustable suspenders engineered for distributing weight evenly without strain on hips and lower back.
  • Easy carry handle design for simple adjustments.
  • Sta-Open main pockets are tapered for faster access to contents.

02. Toughbuilt Builder Cliptech Belt (Best For Construction Worker)

Highlighted Feat​ures:

  • Its patented ClipTech Hub Works with Tough Built tool belts for both men & women.This system is a good idea and stands on the bags allow you put them standing when you don't have them on.
  • Comes with 2 pouches with 4 large-capacity pockets, modular hammer loop & padded belt with heavy-duty buckle.
  • Attached kickstands help you to stand pouches and tools on the table or floor.
  • Build your own tool belt with seperate suspenders, holster, pouches, belts, bags, holsters, case.
  • It fits waist sizes 32 in.- 48 in. Rivet reinforcement construction make it suitable for the harshest working conditions


  • Rugged 6-layer construction.
  • 15 pockets and loops.
  • Pry bar loop and 2 tape measure clips.
  • Modular Hammer Loop.
  • Pouch handle allows easy adjustment.
  • Stands on the bags for when you don't have them on.


  • Don't coming with the suspenders.

Final Note

Finding the best tool belt for construction and framing has never been easy. Remember, no product can be matched, satisfying exactly all of your expectation. That’s why go for the most efficient and affordable one in your budget. As you have read the article, you already know what are the required features and quality for a tool belt. So, now it's your time to find out the best one.

Let us know if you think any other tool belt or accessories should have been on the list. We will be happy to hear from you. You can also buy best tool belt with suspenders.

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