If you just bought a new gas stove and you don’t know how to cook on a gas stove, then there is a high chance that an accident might happen.

So give it a read so you can know how to cook on a gas stove and cook some delicious food using it while keeping your kitchen safe ​.

Not everyone is using the cookware gas stove ​of the same brand; basic design may be different, but all the gas stove’s structure is the same. Their main task is to create a flame, create fire. By using the link below, you can see the bird’s eye view of the topic that is important for you the most.

Part: 1 How to Light The Gas Stove

To cook on a gas stove, first, you have to know how to make fire. Now your stove might be of two types: with a separate igniter or with a built-in igniter. Now you will know how to make a fire in a stove does not matter if it is a separate igniter or a built- in igniter.

How To Make Fire on a Gas Stove With a Separate igniter

If your igniter is broken or has no igniter at all, then you can light the gas using the manual method. 

By using one hand, you have to turn on the knob that will open the gas line, with another hand, hold your turn on the igniter that will create sparking flaming the gas.

If your igniter is not working currently or you don’t have any igniter you can always use one or two match sticks. First, adjust the knob so when the fire of the stick touches gas, flames stay low.

For safety first, turn the flame on then put it on the burner and adjust the knob consequently. You should maintain a distance to remain safe from the fire burn out.

How To Make Fire on a Gas Stove With a Built-in igniter

With a built-in igniter, you don’t maintain the knob and fire sources differently. Turning on the knob will automatically light the gas.

In some cases, especially if the stove is old fire might not light at the very first attempt. But you will succeed after all.

Part: 2 How a Gas Stove Generates Heat

Compared to electric cookers, gas stoves generate heat faster as the flame is the source of its heat. Increasing flames means increasing heat; decreasing flame means decreasing heat.

Electric stove first heats the burner then the pot that’s why it needs time. When you turn it off, it remains hot for a while. On the other hand, a gas stove’s heat can be controlled continually.

So if you are converting from an electric stove user to a gas stove user you need to keep this thing in mind.

Turning on the gas stove, it passes heat among the pan equally taking not much time, and this is opposite to an electric cooker.

Part: 3 How To Turn Off the heat of a Gas Stove

Turn the heat off when your cooking is done. Electric stove first heats the burner, so when you turn the stove off with the temperature of the burner, some cooking can be done. But the gas stove does not function in the same way.

As flame is the source of its heat, you should turn off the stove when your cooking is done properly. But never throw water to stop the fire.

The gas stove gives you better control over the temperature as you can turn on and off the heat instantly. Which gives it the ability of faster cooling.

Part: 3 How To Place Cookwares On gas Stove

After igniting the fire, put the pan that you want to use. Best is don’t put a wet one and after putting it on the stove don’t keep it dry for too long, then the cookware may burn out. 

Adjust the temperature as you want to have. When you are baking anything try to rotate the pot.

Part: 4 How To Stand In Front Of an active Gas Stove

Always remember that you are cooking on an open-source of fire and any danger can happen, so keep it in mind. If anything, kitchen towels, loose clothes or hair came in touch, a fire might start. Be mindful of using oil and alcohol products while cooking.

Part: 5 How To Keep The Gas Stove Clean

​You need to maintain the safety protocol while using the Gas stove to keep yourself and your loved one safe. Check the stove and gas connection for any kind of leakage.

It is important to know the smell of the gas, so if any leakage occurs as soon as you enter the kitchen, you may notice it. When you smell it the first thing to do is to open the windows and kick the gas out of the kitchen. Leakage is very rare but not impossible.

Keep the stove clean. Try to prevent the spillage of food as next time you are cooking it can catch fire. Cleaning it up decreases the chance of catching fire. You can use various things to clean the stove. They are;

How To Keep The Gas Stove Clean Using Vinegar

Vinegar is perfect for clearing light grease strain. Spray some vinegar and wait some moments then wipe it out with a clean cloth. You will have a clean stove.

How To Clean The Gas Stove Using Baking soda

Like vinegar, baking soda is also environmentally-friendly, easy to use, effective, and most importantly, it does not hurt your skin.

Add a cup of baking soda in some water and heat them till they boil. Then cool it down and put it on the grease stain and wipe it down.

You can also make a thick paste of baking soda by adding some water on a cup of baking soda then cover the grease with the paste. This is an easy way to clean.

 How To Clean The Gas Stove Using Soapy Water

​Wash the burner gates regularly after spillover with soap water. First, take the gates and wash it with soapy water and then again with clean water. Then take some time to dry it.

How To Clean The Gas Stove Using Ammonia

​While dealing with the hard nut, you need to bring some mistake hammer to break it down. Vinegar and baking soda are not working then ammonia is useful.

 Wear rover gloves to keep yourself safe. Take some plastic bags and put the parts of the gas stove among the bag and then fill them with liquid ammonia. Place them for several hours, and enjoy the clean stove.

Some Best Gas Stove In The Market

Apart from all these things, it is quite difficult to find the best Stove in the market. As you are buying a Gas stove for a lifetime, you should purchase it while thinking about both the design and performance. Price should also be considered properly. And here is some gas stove that is considering everything about your need


Undoubtedly the invention of the fire has helped to build human civilization, brought us out of the cave, and differentiated human species from animals.

 On the other hand, fire sometimes burned down many civilizations. So you must know how to use fire properly in daily life. As you will be using a gas stove from now on, you really know how to cook on a gas stove.

Hopefully, by following this, you can cook some delicious and healthy food without

burning anything else.

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