The Best Occidental Leather Tool Belt For 2020 (Reviews & Guide)

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Whether you are a professional carpenter, plumber or electrician, you will need a tool belt for work purpose. A good quality occidental leather tool belt is necessary to perform your job in an organized way. Here we have gathered 10 different and best occidental leather tool belts so that you can choose among the better ones that suit you the most.

To be precise, these top-notch quality tool belts mentioned below are highly effective for both starters and professionals. As a beginner, you should not compromise on your comfort, and you must look for some easy-to-use belt that facilitates your learning process. On the other hand, the professionals will always need some unique features on a tool belt. These occidental leather tool belts fulfill the needs of both groups. 

Maybe you don’t need one for yourself, and you want to gift it to someone who is into these technical works. Not familiar with the specifications? Not to worry as choosing a best-suited belt is made super easy now. By going through this occidental leather tool belt review for 10 minutes, you will realize which one to select without any hesitation. On the off-chance, you are a full-time electrician and looking for solely electrician focused tool belt then this collection may help you. 

1. 9540 - Adjust-to-Fit Finisher Tool Belt

Multi-functional and Flexible Tool Belt for Finishers

The 9540 tool belt is one of the best occidental leather tool belts in the market. It is a heavy-duty tool belt that is designed for carpenters and plumbers.

The 9540 tool belt includes 23 different Pockets and Tool Holders according to your needs.The Adjust-to-Fit feature lets you adjust the belt according to your size and comfort.

The lightweight of this belt makes it comfortable to wear around during works.

Its two-ply padded bags will keep the shape for long even if you load them with stuff. It also pre-installed D Rings for Use with Suspension Systems so that you can simply add a suspender to hold the belt although you won't be needing suspenders for this tool belt as long as you don't carry nail gun all day.

This tool belt has a front-mounted metal hammer hook on it. It's placed differently than on other belts, so it doesn't come at your ways while you kneel.


  • Very durable - the tool belt will outlive you
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Includes metal hammer holder up front instead of a leather loop to make extra strong
  • spacious and compact – has room for every possible tool you will need to keep
  • great during all seasons


  • Pencil/punch pockets might seem small, but the leather will loosen


Question: What is the depth of the bags?

Answer: About 9 inches

Question: Are these occidental belts backed with a lifetime warranty?

Answer: Yes

Question: What size is this belt?

Answer: It is a one size fits all, adjustable belt.

2. 9525 the Finisher Tool Belt Set

Multi-purpose Tool Belt Designed for Finishers

This one is another best occidental leather tool belt for Finisher as well as trimmers and framers. It is a multi-functional occidental leather tool belt containing 25 different pockets and holders to ensure the most efficiency at your workplace.You definitely look for easy-access in your tool belt to save your time as it is the reason you will invest 200 bucks on a rig.

This one satisfies this needs properly as the pouches are wider at the mouth, so it's easier to get my hands in and out. Yet, the tools don't get spilt down when you move or kneel; it is that much tight to hold.

The pockets and holders have ample storage and functionality to hold all your necessities. Yet, it will not hang down. Furthermore, to add extra safety, it has included a plastic pocket for sharp tools.

This occidental too belt has versatile belt sizes from SM to XXXL. So even though the adjust-to-fit feature is not available, you can still find the ideal size for your waist. Moreover, this belt is enough flexible and responsive.

The Occidental leather 9525 tool belt set is a life-saver for the lefties. Very few companies put the effort to think widely about the left-handed versions. But this one has a mirror-image setup for left-handed people to make it most suitable and comfortable.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • The pouches are wider at the mouth, so it's easier to get my hands in and out
  • Includes mirror image - left-handed setup
  • It rides higher than most
  • Well designed – enough pockets and holders for fasteners and tools
  • Protected plastic pocket for sharp tools
  • Has lots of space in pockets and cushion


  • Back hammer loop and tool holder might not work for some people
  • Once you cinch the bags on, it gets a bit harder to move them into the position you want


Question: Are the pouches removable? Or can you add extra bags?
Answer: Yes.

3.9515 Adjust-to-Fit OxyLight Framer

Modern Design for Artistic Framers

The 9515 adjust-to-fit OxyLight framer is another best occidental leather tool belt out there. It is super comfortable to wear and ensures easy access to all your tools.Despite your waist size, it is fully adjustable for pant waist 32 to 41 Inch. 

So you can buy whatever the size you are right now then wear it for a lifetime no matter how much weight you gain or lose. And I assure it will last long as it is heavy-duty.

Moreover, If you get the straps to tighten just right, you won’t be needing suspenders. Still, there are pre-installed rings on the belt to use suspenders to prevent any hassles.

This occidental leather tool belt includes 21 Pockets and Tool Holders that are specially designed for framers. The pouches have ample spaces and are very accessible, even during your busiest period.


  • High hammer holster –prevents the hammer from bouncing off the back of your legs.
  • Easy access to all the tools and fasteners
  • Belt evenly distributed the weight around your hips
  • ZERO pinch points or numb spots while wearing this pouch


  • Doesn’t have a hook or bag for tape
  • The hammer loop is a bit small


Question: Can I specify left handed model?

Answer: Yes, as 9515LH model.

Question: can the pouches be separated from the belt and used with an exofit harness?

Answer: No, they cannot. It's a permanent belt, and the pouches and bags don't fit an exofit harness.

4. 5590 Commercial Electrician's Set

Designed for Professional Electricians

This one is a complete all leather tool belt for the commercial electrician. It is among the best occidental leather electrician tool belts in the market. The 5590 commercial electrician tool belt is perfect for adjusting up or down a hole throughout the day.

A full rig like this is a major force-multiplier and significant efficiency boost.

The ability to carry a complete set of necessary tools and a loaded left-hand material pouch saves so much time and energy and keeps your workflow and rhythm at full capacity.

The pouches of this belt have ample storage space with plenty of configuration options to suit your needs. Moreover, it is easy to get used to for quick tool selection in small spaces where you can't peak at your bags to see what's where.

The left-hand pouch has several perfectly-proportioned little compartments for drill-bits, impact sockets, and additional drive-tip holders. Being thick, stitched leather, you will feel safe keeping your 1/4" drill bits, 1/4-20 speed tap, etc., in them when doing lots of metal fabrication.


  • Two-year warranty for defect and workmanship; and lifetime on sticking and rivets
  • 4-space tip-holder on the tool pouch
  • Very accessible yet the tools won’t fall
  • Bags include all the features for electricians and still won't weigh you down


  • No spot for tape measure


Question: Is there any warranty on these belts?

Answer: Two-year warranty from date of purchase. Limited to defect and workmanship. Lifetime on sticking and rivets.

Question: Are the pouches attached to the belt, or do they slide around?

Answer: Slide around, but they would stay where you need them

Question: How do you know where each tool goes? Are there designated spots for each tool?

Answer: You can organize your tools to your liking as long as the tool fits.

5. B5080DB Pro Framer Set

Created for Professional Carpenters

The occidental leather B5080DB framer tool belt is another best occidental leather tool belt for carpenters. It is designed by and for the professional carpenter.

These bags are made for a carpenter that is serious about his profession. They are not cheap, but they are top quality and made to last. It offers the most pouches in the Pro Leather Series.

This 5080DB tool belt set is the foundation in terms of design. the left side fastener of this belt contains an extra bag for maximum fastener capacity.

You can comfortably use this occidental tool belt for all seasons. It has room for sweaters and such in winter it does not trouble you.
This tool belt is constructed of premium top grain cow hides tanned to stringent specifications with a unique blend of oils and waxes that meet the demands of heavy outdoor use.


  • Very thick durable leather provides classy look and longevity
  • Available for left-handed builders as B5080DBLH
  • Copper rivets support main bags
  • No-Spill tool holder system; Function engineered for the modern builder


  • Should have a lower metal clip for tape holder
  • So durable it takes a very long time to break in.


Question: What tools come with the set?

Answer: No tools. This is a belt, hammer loop and two bags.

6. 5089 Seven Bag Framer

The Solution to Serious Framing

The occidental 5089 tool bag is the best occidental tool belt for someone who does serious and professional framing. It offers the most number of pouches in the pro leather series.

It is very sturdy that you can carry around all the necessary articles for your job and still it won’t lose its lifespan.

This occidental leather tool belt is designed by keeping efficiency in mind. To ensure maximum fastener capacity, the left side fastener has one extra bag. Moreover, the premium look of this tool belt will make you feel extra confident wearing it.

It is constructed of premium top grain cow hides tanned to stringent specifications with a unique blend of oils and waxes. It makes it ideal for heavy outdoor use.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • No-spill tool holder system
  • Copper rivets reinforce main bags
  • Attractive design


  • Heavy, you’re going to need to buy the hip pads
  • The left-handed version could be better


Question: would this tool belt work well enough for the few sheet metal tools for HVAC?

Answer: Yes, as it includes lots of pockets.

Question: Can you add suspenders to these belts or a harnessing system? And if so, what is an example?

Answer: Yes, you have to get the loops with d- rings that go on the belt then the suspenders will clip to those d-rings

Question: Can the pouches be removed if you're not using it?

Answer: They can be removed from the belt that's it

Question: Do they have these in left-handed?

Answer: These are made in left-handed under part 5089LH.

7. Occidental Leather 5036 Leather Pro Electrician Set

The Right Choice for Starter Electricians

The 5036 set is an ideal occidental leather electrician tool belt for starter electricians. Its simple function makes it easy to use and handle for the beginners. Yet it is strong enough to carry heavy tools and last for several years.

This occidental leather tool belt offers plenty of support to them. It has 23 different pockets and tool holders. You can organize and place your tools at ease.

The belting leather comes with a steel roller buckle. Therefore, it can withstand the toughest of situation. Electricians face tough situations.

Unlike some other leather tool belts, this bag is quite lightweight. The tool belt has a simple design. Moreover you will find your tools easily by using this belt. Any starter or residential electricians can use this tool belt — one of the best tool bags for electricians no doubt.


  • Tough construction
  • Easy to handle
  • Comfort is ensured
  • Comes with 23 different pockets for tools
  • Great for both starters and professionals


  • Leather takes time to break-in


Question: Does it come with the hammer holder?

Answer: Yes, it does.

Question: can you change the pouch options?

Answer: yes.

Question: Can the pouch hold a speed square?

Answer: Yes, it can.

Question: Does this belt work well for lefties?

Answer: Yes, the left-handed version performs well for lefties.

8. 8585 Heritage FatLip Tool Bag Set

Crafted for Production Carpenters

The 8585 Tool bag set is a new one with a unique design for production carpenters. This too bags is 10-inch deep and feature a full leather boot along with a distinctive leather FatLip bag mouth. 

The leather FatLip keeps the bag formed, wide open, and ensures safety against any abrasion.

The Occidental Leather 8585 FatLip Tool Belt is very durable, and it will last you long despite how much suffering it goes through.

It has a beautiful, sturdy construction with thick leather and durable canvas. Attractive as far as these things go and belt adjust down to the tiny waist to quite large.


  • Heavy-duty, durable - Last for a couple of years no matter the construction trade you are in
  • Easy to carry
  • Very versatile belt adjust down to the tiny waist to quite large
  • Phone holster included
  • Efficiently designed


  • Expensive but well worth the money


Question: Why are these outrageously overpriced?

Answer: this is the kind of tool belt that makes you want to buy again, but at the same time, it does not let you go for another one as it lasts a lifetime. We have seen people wearing the same tool belt for a couple of decades. So obviously it provides what you pay for.

Question: What colors are available?

Answer: green only.

9. 5530 Stronghold Big Oxy Set Tool Belt System

Professionals Looking for Heritage Quality

The 5530 Oxy tool belt is made out of premium top-grain leather with steel roller buckle. This 3-inch heavy-duty work belt includes 28 different pockets and tool holders as Oxy tool shield. These hand specific tool holders promote outstanding working rhythm on the job and maximum output.

If you are a hard-working professional who demands world-famous heritage quality tool belt instead of judging the price, then this occidental leather tool belt is surely your match.

Do you like carrying everything with you everywhere you go? Then these are the bags for you. It can fit an entire impact and have organizers for almost every tool.

This innovative design offers room for additional tool holders on three inside walls of the tool bags. it includes big bags and pockets with enough tool holders to go from framing to trimming and anything else in one smooth transition.
Each bag comes with the best in protection for tools, kits, and body. It accepts knives, chisels, pliers, etc and clips onto any bag or even a pants pocket.

Also, there are the 5020 - 2-in-1 Tool & Hammer Holder, twice the tool capacity in the belt space of one.
However, for your convenience, this tool belt has the tape measure on the left-hand side for a right-hand pouch. Most right-handed carpenters consider pulling layout right to left to use a pencil or marker in the right hand.


  • Deep pockets nothing falls out of them
  • Large pockets with sufficient space
  • Designed thoughtfully according to user’s needs
  • Heavy-duty and provides superior quality


  • Left-hand model is not available
  • A limited number of tool bet set is available on the stock most of the time


Question: Does this belt come with a tool shield?

Answer: If you are referring to a knife, chisels, other similar objects, then yes.

Question: what is the weight?

Answer: 6.3 pounds

10. 8580 FatLip Tool Bag Set

Recommend to Serious Contractors

The 8580 FatLip tool bag set is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a heavy-duty tool belt that will last a lifetime even if you mistreat and abuse them. It is built tough and will hold up to any situation. You can use this occidental leather tool belt for framing; Interior finish work, Custom wood fencing, as well as any carpentry works.

This rig is super light and comfortable. It ensures you the highest comfort when you are wearing the belts for eight-plus hours per day.

The designers put efforts to think about multi-functionality and versatility. Instead of focusing on one specific work, this gear is built to make it through more jobs than most others.

This occidental leather tool belt durable, comfortable to wear, and there is also a ton of storage for tools. Also, nothing falls out when you're running around. That's a common problem we have had.

Moreover, the knife holder is brilliant, and gizmo holder for cell phone works outstanding. But, make sure you don’t wear your fancy clothes during work as this might stain your clothes if you sweat too much.


  • Feature of the speed square slot in the left pouch. Very well built and high-quality materials. It will last.
  • Designed for professionals especially for contractors
  • Smells so awesome to give extra comfort
  • Awesome for pole barns


  • It fits smaller than it says; so order a size or two larger than you think. For example, for a 32/33 inch waist, Medium will be way too small to have your pouches positioned where they are functional, so you will have to go for large
  • Stains your clothes if you sweat a lot


Question: Are these bags on the Belt reversible?

Answer: yes, they are reversible.

Question: If I am a size 36-38 waist, then what size belt would you recommend?

Answer: Large, as the belts get stretched.

Question: Are the pouches attached to the belt?

Answer: No, you can set it up the way you like and remove or add other attachments.

Question: does this belt get hot during the summer?

Answer: It does a little, but not more than other tool belt sets available, and still it stays comfortable.

Question: Is there any type of leather protection needed to be used to protect the bags from the weather?

Answer: No, these bags do not need any protection.

Buying Guide of Occidental Leather Tool Belt

  • Comfort
  • Know the Difference
  • Customization and Reorientation
  • Durability and Materials
  • Warranty
  • Price
  • Storage and Dedicated Packets
  • Weight
  • Size


You are going to use your tool belt for a couple of hours during work. If it isn't comfortable enough to wear, it will do no good to efficiency, and instead, it will slow you down.

Despite how many tools you are willing to keep in gear, you’re going to need something with a bit of padding or something that can fit well over clothes. The more weight you add, the more the belt will be digging into you, so having that extra protection can make a long day seem a bit shorter.

Know the difference

The tool belt you are going to buy must suit your work type. The bags always varied from person to person. The tools an electrician uses are not all the same as the tools a carpenter uses.

Moreover, there are differences between finisher and the framer bag sets. Firstly, the finisher is smaller and lighter than the framer. Then there are two extra pockets with framer; one for tape one for fasteners. The front metal loop is leather on framer.

Customization and Reorientation

The tool belt and pouches of the belt should be rearrange-able according to one's needs. Different professionals need a different type of bags and holders. The belt also should be flexible enough to get stretched according to slight changes in the body.

However, there should be a consideration for lefties too. They don't and cannot work things out like the righties. Hence, always aim for a tool belt that allows you to swap out or orient the pockets so that things will always be exactly where you need them when you need them. The default orientation should never limit your ways to wear your tool belt.

Durability and Materials

Durability is the crucial point you should consider before buying your tool belt. If you need a belt for everyday use or even if it’s going to be used occasionally, it is essential that when you go to use it, the belt does not get deteriorated to the point of being no use to your work rather than a help.

As you invest hundreds of dollars on some tool belts, they must have a long period of lifespan despite how frequently you use them.


Most of the excellent quality tool belt companies offer an extended warranty for different situations because they are confident about their product. The long period warranty makes you more satisfied and convinced about buying a particular product.


The price is a crucial part of buying Occidental tool belts. It is no surprise that occidental tool belts are bit pricier than some other bags. So when you invest 200-300 bucks on a tool belt, you must choose the functionality of the rigs if they suit you or not.

Now let me ask you an easy question. How do you feel about buying cheap tool belts at $100 every year vs buying one premium belt at $200-$300 for a lifetime? Your answer determines which rig you should select.

Storage and Dedicated Pockets

You are going to want enough room for your work tools in your bag. It will reduce the hassle of carrying more than one bag; who would like that? Your tool belt should offer space for everything you require for work.

But having ample storage is not good enough if you can't have some organization. A good tool belt will include dedicated pockets and holders to house essential tools – such as tape measures or pliers.


Imagine having a tool belt that is already heavy when it is empty. How much heavier can it get when you load it for work? So always be careful to check the weight of your occidental tool belt before buying.

The best tool belts will be lightweight but sturdy, and heavier ones will have good attachment points for suspenders.


Although the occidental leather tool belts are flexible enough, yet you need to choose your size carefully. Replacement issues are often disturbing and take extra charge. Although some belts have the adjust-to-fit feature to match your waist perfectly.

For your convenience, we have provided this chart to measure your occidental leather tool belt size if you already don’t have one. You will get an approximate tool belt size by adding 4 inches to your pant waist.



Approx. Pant-Waist



29" to 32"



33" to 35"



36" to 39"



40" to 44"



45" to 49"



​50" to 54"

Final Thoughts on Best Occidental Leather Tool Belt Reviews

At the end of the day, you want to come home without having any physical issues like back pain or others. Also, you want to feel confident and comfortable with your ability and proficiency at work. Your work performance will determine your mental health and your income.

A good occidental leather tool belt won't perform your work itself for real, but it will help you achieve the maximum outcome possible. Similarly, a cheap one will often end up being a burden to you.

Here, in this occidental leather tool belt reviews we have put together ten different occidental leather tool belts so that you can select the right one at ease. These are the tool belts that professionals use every day, not for hobbyists or DIYs as they do cost higher.

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