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Best Tool Pouch for Carpenters 2018

A well-suited tool belt can keep your tools organized as well as secure while working. Most of the cheap belts are poorly made and don’t have spill proof pouches. Tools falling apart from your belt is the main reason, you get annoyed with the tool belt. A belt made of durable, sturdy material with spill […]

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Best Tool Belt for Construction & Framing 2018

Constructing the framing for buildings or total construction process is hard work. You have to spend long hours trying to get each project done. It is important as a framer that you get the job done efficiently. If you spend time searching around for a tools you need to get the job done, you lose precious […]

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Best Tool Belt for Electricians & Cable Tech-2018

 An electrician needs a variety of tools for his work. If you are an electrician or a cable tech, sometimes you don’t know which tools you need for a job. So, It’s not wise to carry a huge tool box with you. The right electrician tool belt  will allow you to carry all your tools […]

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Top Rated Tool Belt (Best for Gardener, Homeowner & Women)

Like any artisan, a homeowner gardener  relies on his/her tools.You don’t need many, but the proper tools and organizing them properly make gardening much easier and more enjoyable. As a first time gardener, it can be more difficult. Choosing a best gardening tool belt is very important to organize the tools properly. Keeping the tools together […]

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What should an electrician tool belt contain?

Almost every professional worker has a unique set for himself. The set depends on his working area and requirement. As electricians work with wires and electricity, their tools are based on them. They tend to have wire cutters to cut different sizes and density of wires. They also have several meters to measure electrical units. […]

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Know the parts of tool belt

Whether you are a professional technician or amateur DIY project lover, tools are must for you and the best way to carry them is a tool belt. It is lightweight, small and easily accessible compared to tool box and tool chest. But not every tool belt can satisfy your needs. Let’s learn which tool belt is […]

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What are the different types of tool belt?

Tool belts are easy to carry. The places where you can’t bring your toolbox, you can easily take your tools in your tool belt. Electrician, Plumber or Roofers need to climb high place like electric pole or roof top. They can carry their instrument in their belt. As each profession requires different sets of tools, […]

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How to wear a tool belt


Tools are professional’s best friend. They always want those tools beside them. But for that, carrying the whole tool chest is a dumb idea. There’s where the tool belt comes.  A tool belt has ample storage for the most used tool for any work. They have separate pouches for different size instruments. Some of them are […]

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How to make leather tool belts

Task Tools Leather Apron Belt

A leather belt is a great addition to your attire, and they hold up your jeans. But when you put on a leather tool belt, appearance is not the only thing. They have to be easily accessible and convenient. Besides the look, they need to bear the weight of your tools. Though there are many […]

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