Are you a starter who is done with your welding learning, or you want to choose this profession for a living but still not sure how it will make you earn? Then this article is right for you. It will provide every detail and welding basics for beginners who are going back and forth, deciding whether welding is an ideal profession for you.

To start your welding business, there are some basic terms that you need to know. We will discuss those terms to give you an idea and facilitate your decision making.

This article will help you understand whether you should go for welding, and if so, then how you should approach.

Welding Basics for Beginner

Well, a person skilled with welding can make an above-average pay scale with just some tips and knowledge. You can earn a handsome amount no matter where you weld; you can work in a factory, on a farm, or your own garage. In short, there are big opportunities for making money out of welding. Here we are going to discuss 10 welding projects to make money with a welder.

How to Make Money Welding in Your Garage 

1. DIY Coffee Table

To fill up an empty room with a coffee table is a traditional idea. And making a DIY coffee table is always super fun and super easy. Not to mention, it is quite profitable too.

DIY Coffee Table Business Opportunity:

Almost every family requires a coffee table. Some like it sophisticated, and some like it just fine. There is a huge business opportunity for a coffee table as the demand for it is ever increasing.

DIY Projects for Coffee Table

You can create your online business platform and sell these online or offline at your convenience.

2. Gas Stove

In winter, the demand for a stove cookware rises like crazy. Moreover, it is much more efficient than a fireplace.

Compared to its demand, it is very simple to make. All you need is a cast iron door and a steel drum, and you’re good to get started. 

Gas Stove

You can make these under $250 and then sell at $300 or higher price. Thus you will be able to offer your customers the same product like others in the market at a lower price.

Business Opportunity of Gas Stove:

This item is mostly demanded in the winter. So save these products as your winter inventory and sell them on your online platform or on the local flea market.

3. Fences and Gates

You can earn the highest price by making large fences and gates, although these are one of the most complicated to make.

First of all, making an effective fence or gate requires perfect measurements. There should be no room for error. Not to mention, you have to be very professional at your welding skill if you are willing to create something attractive and unique.

Fences and Gates

Secondly, you should not get scared away by the expensive materials you require for creating fences and gates. If you do your job right, you will definitely reap the rewards in your profit margin.

Thirdly, you have to keep in mind that these items take a longer time to make compared to other small stuff. Therefore, your profit will be slow in coming. But when you receive large lump sums of money, you will know it is worth it.

Business Opportunity of Fences and Gates:

No doubt, there is a huge business opportunity for fences and gates if you follow the right way. So you can make them and sell all year long from your business platform. A good marketing level is required for your products to be sold.

The advantage of making fences and gates is that these can be made to order for both businesses and private homes. Private homes that are looking for security from a sturdy metal gate are usually willing to spend a little more for the privilege. Similarly, businesses are willing to invest a lot when it comes to keeping their assets safe. Therefore, play into both these markets to create bespoke, custom-made fences and gates, and you’ll be rolling in it very soon!

4. Fireguards

When you own a wood stove or fireplace, you need to keep the fingers of our little one away to avoid an accident.

Now a fireguard from a home improvement store costs over $100.


Here you can use your welding skill and make one yourself at less than $30. Then you can offer the fireguards you make at a cheaper rate than the ones in the store. Thus your product will get more demand and value for money.

Business Opportunity of Fireguards:

Similar to the wood stove, fireguards are mostly sold during the winter. Or when the little ones start to grow curious around the house, families require this the most. Know your customers and sell your fireguards according to their needs.

5. BBQs

When you want to earn some extra profit, then a BBQ as a welding project is a great option. These can be a little bit complex, but the higher selling price of these makes it worth the hard work.

Point to be noted; there might be some obstacles in your way to doing business with your BBQs.


As people can usually be bought pretty cheaply from most good grocery, department, or outdoor stores, then why would someone buy a more expensive BBQ from you when they can buy one cheaper elsewhere?

Here, you have to push the idea that your BBQs are quality products, and they are locally handmade items. Most of the available ones off-the-shelf have been made cheaply in China. That is why put efforts to inform your customers that they’re getting something of quality for their money.

Avoid being the cheap, disposable types that people might throw away after a few uses. Therefore, try to ensure that your BBQs will stand up to the test of time.

Business Opportunity of BBQs:

For families, teams, or friends, the demand for BBQs is undeniable. For every party, every occasion, people will require a good set of BBQs. Therefore you have a wide market range for this item that you can do for a living.

6. Pet Gate

This one is a fun way to earn profit from your welding skill. All you need is metal tubing and metal hinges to make a pet gate.

Business Opportunity of Pet Gate:

Every pet owner needs a pet gate so that one can control the movement of the pets. You can sell these at your local flea market.

Pet Gate

7. Sign Holders

There are always some small businesses that are searching for ways to appear with uniqueness. Welding together some wrought iron to create one of these holders can be considered quite profitable.

Business Opportunity of Sign Holders:

A sign holder is a very crucial part of working on if entrepreneurs want to work on the first impression. So there will always be an ever-increasing demand for these products.

DIY Projects for Welding

8. Model Vehicles

This one is one of the best welding projects to make money. The market for model vehicles is huge. And you can earn a handsome amount of profit by making model vehicles as cheaply as possible.

Model vehicles include everything from cars to airplanes, and also specialized military vehicles like tanks. Vehicle enthusiasts and war collectors find these very sophisticated.

Model Vehicles

As these are quite small, the level of detail and accuracy needed requires some thought and attention. But they are very cheap to make that saves you investing extra capital. To reach the keen buyers who are willing to pay for this kind of item, your work requires excellent quality.

One simple way to raise the price of your product is to use a metal which can be painted easily. Selling these products as a kit in which the buyer can decorate themselves will make them even more demanding and appealing.

Business Opportunity of Model Vehicles:

Obviously, there is a big opportunity for this item to rule the market if you do it the right way.

9. Dutch Oven Holder

For those who love going camping, a Dutch Oven Holder might end up being very useful to them.

To make a Dutch oven holder, you get to weld three horseshoes together. After that, give single support bars to each point to make a tripod stand.

Dutch Oven Holder

Business Opportunity of Dutch Oven Holder:

Other than using for camping, one can use it as a serving tray for outdoor barbecue parties and other additional uses.

10. Wall Clock

Who doesn’t like a wall clock? The wall clock can add a nifty metallic touch to anyone’s living room. Also, if you don’t know anything about welding, it can teach you a thing or two about it.

Making a wall clock requires many different small welds and precision alignment. First, use a ¼-inch mild steel rod for both circles of this clock and a 5/16-inch round rod for the numbers. Then add a support cross-bar vertically and horizontally so the actual clock timepiece can be added to the design.

Wall Clock

The business opportunity of wall clock:

This one is one of the best welding projects to make money. Want to know the customers of a Wall clock? You can check how much quantity they sell at various online marketplaces. Like Amazon or eBay.

FAQs on Welding Basics for Beginners

What does MIG stand for in welding?

Ans: MIG stands for metal inert gas. MIG welding is an arc welding process where a solid wire electrode that is constant is fed through a welding gun & into the weld pool, and then the two base materials are joined together. Moreover, Shielding gas is sent through the welding gun to provide protection for the weld pool from contamination.

How much can a welder make?

Ans: According to the BLS report in 2018, the median average salary for welders was $41,380 per year. Therefore, 50 percent of the welders in the U.S. made less than $41,380, and 50 percent made more.

Is welding dangerous?

Ans: Welding is a hazardous workplace activity that exposes over half a million workers to health and safety risks every year in the USA.

That is why it can be considered a dangerous profession, and precautions must be taken to ensure safety.

Welding safety measures are designed to protect workers from welding hazards.

welding dangerous

Welding safety is implemented by conducting proper training, inspecting welding equipment, and ensuring employees are aware of safety precautions before doing welding activities to reduce the risk of health and safety injuries.

How does welding work?

Ans: Welding is a fabrication process where metals and thermoplastics are joined together to produce and object or structure. These materials are generally joined by the melting of filler material like steel at their boundary points, fusing them together.

Final Thoughts on Welding Basics for Beginners

Making money by welding sure is not a piece of cake. It requires development in welding skills, accuracy, and being creative. But when you acquire all the knowledge and information, you will make good money out of your welder and welding skills.

You might be a beginner who is starting from zero or a professional who even knows how to make a welder himself. At every stage, you need to keep learning and showing your creativity. If you are not innovative with your business ideas, there is a big chance that your business might fall even though you are a pro at welding.

Work on the quality management of your product and improve the marketing process so that you make the best out of your welding skill.

Make sure you always keep safety first and take precautions while working. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid any unwanted incident. Happy welding!


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